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  1. I'm not sure that I had any theories, I don't really feel understood by you. I wanted information on whether it was possible for a lender to make up his own default date because, as I explained, that's what happened to me and then asked what to do about it i.e. how can I correct it. I asked for help rather than stated anything other than the default date on my credit file is wrong and I haven't had any contact with lender since 2008. What do you mean by my theories?
  2. But what if the defaulted date is wrong? That's what I am asking. I never had any contact with them since September 2008, shouldn't that be my default date?
  3. Well, in my case they don't vanish, they just add on another, more recent date and extend the whole thing. . I don't understand how they can do that. I'd like to send them SAR, is there a template? And should I ask them for proof I defaulted in 2009 and 2011? If they can't prove can I ask them to remove the info from my credit rating file?
  4. I would just sit on them but they show up on my credit file and spoil my credit rating. If I ever wanted to get a mortgage or even a credit card (I haven't had one since 2004) I stand no chance. What do I do to remove them from my credit file and why did they default me in 2009 and 2011 when the truth is I stopped paying them off in 2008 and haven't had any contact with anyone?
  5. Yes, still cahoot. One of the accounts shows an address that I wasn't living at at the time the account was declared as defaulted. I'm not sure what to do next. Could they have taken my signature and faked a letter? Otherwise I don't know how they would prove I contacted them at the time. And how to proceed?
  6. They are not issuing a claim because they don't know my address. But it still shows up on my credit file so it's bothering me. How can I establish the default date? Should I write to them?
  7. Hello, I would like a bit of advice. I finally made CreditExpert come up with all the information they hold on me, (I have three defaulted accounts with cahoot). Nothing was showing up for years but I was always refused a credit card at my current bank I knew the information must be held somewhere. now two of the accounts showed up when they downloaded my full history. The thing is the two accounts showed as defaulted: one in July 2009 and one in Dec 2011.. I have not had any contact with cahoot since September 2008! So they are lying.
  8. Yes, good point and good advice No, not at the moment. I had a phone call from a DCA last summer but changed my mobile number and no one has tried to contact me since. It would be impossible anyway, I don't live anywhere at the moment as my job takes me all over the country. I was not sure if I should just leave it or if there was a procedure to follow at the end of the 6 year period. Seems I should just leave it. Thanks everyone.
  9. I checked Experian and there is nothing. My credit history is fair. I haven't applied for any credit in over 10 years though so I don't know what my true credit rating is. I'm also checking with checkmyfile.com just in case. Could I just send the SB letter to my bank? Is it necessary to have the letter sent somewhere? I have no idea which DCA is now handling it and don't know if it's a good idea to start digging.. Also how can I start rebuilding my credit?
  10. Thanks for your replies. that is good news. I have not had contact with anyone since May 2008 (it was a debt recovery agency then) and haven't had any letters or calls since mainly because I've moved a few times since. Who should I send the SB letter to then? The bank I took the loan with? Or the last agency who dealt with it? The debt might have been passed around in the last 6 years.
  11. Hello, I have a question regarding a CCA letter I sent in May 2009. I had a bank loan which I stopped repaying in July 2008 which means it's been SB now for a few months. However in May 2009 I sent a CCA letter which didn't specify that I do not acknowledge the debt (template I sent below). Does that mean it can constitute as contact and acknowledgement of debt? It would mean I still have til May 2015 before it becomes SB. Any advice would be great. Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEMPLATE L
  12. Thanks for replying, really appreciate it. If they don't have my address only mobile number how would I know they 'mean business'? I assume that their ways are either sending threatening letters or personal visits. They can't do either as I have no permanent address at the moment. What I'm scared about not being able to know what their next steps are. What could potentially happen that I wouldn't know about?
  13. Hello, I need some advice on how to proceed with my situation. I had a loan, credit card and overdraft with cahoot since 2004. I used to make small repayments but my circumstances changed and I had to stop. I have stopped making payments in July 2008 so 5 years ago. In March 2009 I asked cahoot to send me a copy of the loan agreement, which they did and it seemed fine. Since then I had not had any contact with cahoot or any debt agency acting on their behalf so that's 4.5 years. Nothing shows up on my Experian credit file. This morning I received a voicem
  14. Credit expert (aka Experian) is where nothing shows up. I tried Equifax but they want me to send bills and proof of address so it will take some time. I have a feeling they probably have nothing either. I haven't had contact with cahoot for 4 years now except requesting my contract 3 years ago which was in order. Would they consider that making contact? I didn't make any payments and I didn't speak to anyone, I wrote a letter and they sent me one back. I have not decided if I should just leave it for another 2 years and wait for it to go away or start repaying, it's not large sums of mo
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