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  1. But i'm the one in charge of the funds and doesnt the house become an asset if tho it isnt sold yet?I'm so confused.
  2. Hello there.I lost my mum 6 months ago and i am executor of her will.The money has now all been collected and the her house is on the market.The money is in an executor account.Do i now have to tell the DWP even tho the money hasnt been shared out which isnt going to be done until the house is sold.However i just wanted to check if i have to notify them now?I don't want to do the wrong thing. I am disabled and am on DLA i know that wont be affected but i'm also on ESA income and contribution based,i get help with the mortgage and council tax benefit.I know they will all be stopped but i had it in my head it wouldnt be until all mums assets were sorted but i'm worried i might be wrong.I've had advice about what i'm allowed to do or not to do with the money but i dont know when exactly it is i must tell them.
  3. Sorry none of that made any sense to me whatsoever???Or am i just very thick?Iwontcause any grief to the neighbours,wont have customers coming to my house.Can you possibly explain this a bit better to me?Whats a cca? A
  4. Hi there im new to this site and in real need of advice.I am a single parent with my own florist shop i am now in the final year of my lease and have given my notice to finish in Decemeber unless a new tenant can be found.Although my debts arent massive(about £11,000)i am finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet and things seem to be getting worse.Ive just let my part timer go as i just cant seem to afford the wages.I get maintenance from my ex husband that covers the mortgage which is interest only and is £163,000.I currently have £45,000 negative equity .Ive worked out my budget and due to the credit card companies and loan company putting up there interest rates i do not have any mioney to buy food or clothes for me and the children.I get working tax credit and child tax credit.I am planning to run my business from home as alot of my work comes from the internet and on the phone,it seems pointless having the shop.what i want to know is how can i stop myself from sliding into more debt,i cannot work anymore than i do(6 days a week)and i am also physically unwell which isnt helping.Can anyone give me some advice because im feeling very low with the worry of it all. A
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