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  1. hi daniella, thank you for your reply, i will type up all relevent areas of the letter (the rest just states about if you want a reference and making sure you attend the final property check etc) Dear Mr and Miss Thank you for your letter from which we note you wish to terminate your tenancy of the above mentioned property in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement The contents of this letter and the accompanying notes are very important and you should read them in order to prevent any misunderstanding at a later date. As your tenancy terminates on the 11th of may 2009
  2. Hey guys sorry for my first post being a bit of a rant, i just wanna say hi to all members and i really hope somebody can help me because im seething! basically a little while ago me and my partner asked our estate agent about getting out early of our tenancy agreement due to having to move away from bournemouth and back home well in the end we came to an agreement that if a new tenant could be found we were free to go, so anyway a woman comes to view the flat decides she wants it and goes back there the next day to sort it all out, we recieve a call from the estate agent saying the
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