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  1. Thanks for all the advise, sat here last night and realised that the last payment would have been around 2001 so i,ll wait and see what other letters i get from them and then laugh at them.
  2. Thanks for all the information and it will all be taken on board and the relevant letters will be sent. Once again thanks for the help and most importantly the piece of mind.
  3. hi all,i have had just recently a few letters from lowells chasing a catalogue debt,which is statute barred. long story short was taken seriously ill 9 years ago and it took me 5 years to recover,moved to 3 different hospitals in that time,so my debts became forgotton and i didnt remember who i owed or what i owed. now out of the woodwork a few dca are sending letters and i know some are staute barred and a couple only have a few months to go. the question is what would be the best strategy to deal with them. Cheers rover.
  4. He did tell me it was done on the phone and he was waiting for a book/payment slips and it was 5 yrs and 10 months ago. so should i get in touch with lowells and ask them to remove any defaults on my CR if aything shows and if so how long does it take?
  5. I tought the address blacklisted was a myth aswell but just wanted to check. he,doesnt own is own home and i think my brter said 400/500 pound it was but i bet the dca have put a bit on it,i,ve foreward the letter o him. the rep did ask if my house was owened and said thats why the default is aginst my address?
  6. Hello all, Hope someone on here can give me a bit of advice please. I had a letter from lowells delivered to me today personally by a field rep. He asked me if i was ******** ********* i said no,he asked me if i could prove my identity,(bleeding cheek) so told him to do one in no uncertain terms. he then replied that the default was against my address, now that as me thinking as i tried for credit last year and got knocked back and i just thought it was the current climate, so im in the proccess of getting my credit report and having a look at it. so can a dca put a default ag
  7. Thanks to both of you for the replies,i will cancel the dd now and send off a letter will also send the telephone letter as they have my works number,and i dont want the hassel of having to explain to all and sundry why im getting these phone calls.
  8. Hi thanks for reply yep had a cca enforceable had charges refunded and got behind with payments,due to illness,i did a budget plan and they said right you have xx amount spare so will accept that,so they did railroad me into the amount,as i did offer one amount and they refused,so i thought i was under an oblihgation to fill it out and pay what they deemed fit,mind you i was clueless at the time,the internet is a good tool.
  9. Hi all,im a newbie on here,8-) my problem is i have an agreement with mnba to pay xx amount by dd. now i am finding it hard to keep this up i have been paying it for 2 years so im not running away from the debt, but i need to lower my payments but mbna are refusing to accept the x amount i have offered to pay a month. could someone tell me can i change the agreement,this was done on the phone like i said 2 years ago, so should i cancel the dd and send another letter to there c/s dept and wait for there reply. ps hope im on the right forum.
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