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  1. Well, I sent the letter suggested kindly by PGH7447 and am still awaiting response from them. Instead I have had a letter from Metropolitan Collection Services to say that there client (HSBC) have had mail returned 'Gone Away' followed by a yellow envelope with FastTrack Message in red containing an A4 sheet with one liner saying they will visit me on XXXXX to confirm my residency, if inconvenient ring their freephone number. What should I do??
  2. I wrote to both of these on 16th May requesting CCA and neither have responded to date. What should I do? Is there a letter or guidelines to the letter that I can use! Thanks for your anticipated guidance.
  3. Sorry I have been away on a course. Don't exactly know but it is pre 2006.
  4. Not sure what you mean here. I got their credit card around 2002/3 and had been using it until Nov 2008. Does that help!
  5. Sent request for CCA to capital one and received letter with T&Cs at the back with a 3 fold sheet. Also, Debitas keep on phoning and sending letters. I am attaching the latest here and would appreciate any guidance in this matter. Thanks CapOne.pdf Debitas275.pdf
  6. Recently sent request for CCA to HSBC and they have responded with the letter, attached herewith, asking for signature before their data controller will release anything. What should I do? hsbc.pdf
  7. Sorry, I could not figure out how to start a new thread. Anyway, we have joint account with Lloyds and have overdraft. Last year my husband lost his job and since then has only done odd days work here and there but due to silly JSA rules he made no money from these temporary assignments. However, when he lost his job and could not see when the next one would come, he contacted Lloyds to explain the situation. They suggested he contacted cccs who suggested that we pay £1 per month to each of our creditors. Lloyds suggested this be done on Standing Order. And, that’s what we have been
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