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  1. Addendum to #17: Looking through the forum I found the DN. So, yes they did send it but obviously I was in no position to pay it all off or bring the account up to date.
  2. This was with DialDirect (aka Budget Insurance, Bennett Insurance and a few others). I had to pay £38 cancellation fee and was told nothing else left for me as I was cancelling it 10 days later. On complaining I was advised that if I had taken out another policy with another company starting at renewal date they would have given full refund. Last week my colleague took out policy with another company and advised DirectDial she was not renewing it; they still wanted to charge £38 and said they will give the rest back once they had processed her DD. Luckily, she had cancelled the DD. I have neve
  3. Yes, the claimant is listed as Britannia Recoveries. I am not sure if they ever issued a default notice because the card was in the name of Virgin and to begin with they were harassing us. I will need to check. They don't mention in the claim but I will check. There is no PPI involved. Have not yet made a formal complaint to MBNA; time has just flown by. I suppose I better get my skates on.
  4. No summons yet (if I understand you correctly). Just a claim with forms to acknowledge or admit and sheet for income and expenditure. Forms received - N1CPC, N9CPC, N9A(CPC) and N9b(CPC). By the way, I did tell Britannia that the account was in dispute and I wanted to lodge a formal complaint with MBNA
  5. Thanks andyorch. I posted update but it got deleted in thread merge. I managed to acknowledge online but need help in putting defence together. Never sent letter suggested by 42man. Was undergoing stressful times for fear of losing job and resulting stress at home. What should I do, now.
  6. URGENT Anybody out there? I was just about to acknowledge receipt online but am stuck. The Claim said all I need is Claim number and password and to my horror I discovered I needed Govt Gateway details which I don'rt have. I need this form to be with them on Monday 23rd. Does anyone know their email for Fax number?
  7. It is form N1CPC (Claim form 01.12) and Particulars of Claim as follow (date 4th July 2012) A credit card agreement made between MBNA and the card holder (D) D accrued balance #xxxx D defaulted on payments C issued formal demand requesting payment dated ddmmyyyy Amount now due from D #xxxx It arrived on Fri 13th probably got misdelivered and reposted.
  8. I used to have a Virgin Credit Card and about 3 years ago could not pay because my business went down and I did not have a job. I offered and continued to make token payments of £1. This continued for 2 years but when I did not receive statements I stopped it. In the meantime, I had a letter from MBNA requesting payments. I sent a CCA request - no reply - Account in Dispute - no reply - Account is serious dispute - Zilch. Then about 3 months ago I received letter from MBNA to say that my account has been sold to Britannia Recoveries. Their agent wrote to me and I responded b
  9. No renewal notice, suddenly the policy docs came in. I had never been happy with them... details were incorrect. I have taken out a new policy and they have taken one instalment.. been going for 4 days. I really don't want anything to do with them. What can I do?
  10. I had a Virgin Credit Card that MBNA operated. MBNA never responded to my CCA request and sent them 'Ac in dispute' letter ages ago. I kept up the £1 token payment until this Xmas. Now they have sold to Britannia recoveries and their cronies are asking for full payment. What should I do?
  11. Thanks Mike for quick reply. How can one convince the judge as a lay person when legally conversant person at the other end is telling the judge making payment is acknowledgement of debt? Personally, I have not found any legal person (Street legal and CAB) who knew their stuff and from reading the newspapers I wonder if judges live in our world.
  12. I read somewhere that MBNA claimed as the person had been paying £1/month they must acknowledge the debt. I don't use the card now - well I can't. I think I am not sure about the difference between card and account.
  13. And are they successful? Should I continue with token payment?
  14. Hi, I have had a nastigram from Metropolitan collections. I had been paying £1/month (they never acknowledged my offer letter) but forgot that I had set up this SO and then seeing that somewhere on this forum this was taken to mean that the debt was acknowledged, I cancelled the payment. They wrote to me asking me to resume payment within 48 hours or face further action. And, then this weekend I received a letter demanding payment of the total amount within 24 hours or face court action, CCJ, attachment of earning , balliffs and door step visit... As far as I can remember I sent them 'Account
  15. MBNA have yet to respond but Lloyds have responded to CCA request 16th May 2009 - CCA request sent - No response from them 13th July 2009 - A/C in dispute letter sent This week received their response Can someone please look at the attached file and advise on what to do next and is it enforceable. Thanks lt_cca.pdf
  16. Well, Cap 1 have finally coughed up a CCA. 9th May 2009 - CCA request sent - they responded with trifold sheet of terms 27th June 2009 - A/C in dispute letter sent - A/C entered default on 29th May 2009 - they responded saying they have complied 6th Aug 2009 - sent another letter saying they jhave not complied This week received CCA. Can someone be kind enough to have quick look at the pdf file and advise me as to whether it is enforceable and what to do next. Thanks. cap1_cca.pdf
  17. This week I received letter from CSL stating Final Warning and possible court action. All that Cap one sent was tri-fold sheet of conditions and the their response to my Account in dispute lied outright. What is my next step? This is getting a little uncomfortable. URGENT advice needed. cap_cslt.pdf
  18. Thanks everyone for holding my hand. I sent the Account in Dispute letter as suggested and last week I received their response disputing my stand and asserting their's. And, tail end of last week I received offer from CSL, not that it makes any difference as we are trying to survive on just one income. Do I write (??) back to Cap one or go to Ombudsman!! What should I do!! cap_d.pdf cap_csl.pdf
  19. I am not sure if this is the right place. So, please suggest if it should be posted in another forum. Until about 3 years ago, we ran a Post Office which they decided to close. Postmaster/mistress are responsible for any shortcomings for 6 years after they cease to be active. So, we owe PO ~£2000 and about 6 months ago we stopped paying the monthly dues because we lost one income. We are making nominal £1 to CC companies and banks. What can we do with this one? Thanks in anticipation.
  20. Well, they finally sent their response to my cca request. Application form is signed and dated but nothing else. Perhaps someone could do a once over and advise me on the next course of action. hsbc_cca.pdf
  21. I did and they still didn't respond. Instead sent me the default notice. What should I do next or rather what are MBNA likely to do. We don't have the nickels to pay anyway. mbna_dn.pdf
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