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  1. Thank you for the template letter to the credit agency. It is great and i will send this off to them now.
  2. Yes i did sign the application form at the event but it was really because they were saying to people to sign and get a free gift. I was most surprised to get the card with little effort. I have asked them for a signed copy of the agreeement and sent the required £1. I have never had a response to that and now the matter has been passed to Experto.
  3. Can anyone help please. I have a credit card with MBNA and back last April i requested a copy of my signed agreement. This was a card that i obtained from the Ideal home exhibition. I was enticed by their sales people to fill in an application form just to get a free gift. I did and seven days later got a credit card with £7,500 limit. No agreement was ever entered into. My requests have been ignored and now the account has been sold to Experto. Today i received a very nasty telephone call from them saying that they knew i was a home owner and could come and get the house. they said
  4. Hi, I have an MBNA card. I got this from an Ideal Home Exhibition. I was asked by someone at a stand to fill in a form to get a card. At the time i thought i did not have a hope in hell of getting one but just wanted the free gift on offer on the day. Surprise i got a card with a £7,000 limit on it. This was about six years ago. I have asked them for a copy of my agreement but all they seem to have sent is the application form i filled in on the day which says at the top Credit Agreement Regulated by the Comsumer Credit Act 1974. Further down it says I understand that this is an ap
  5. I received an offer also but i believe they pass the remainder on to another debt company and therefore i think you should make sure it is in full and final settlement.
  6. Hi I sent mine initially to the first address but i have since had a telephone call to say that it should go to the bottom address and headed Customer Advocates Office. To be honest it seems that wherever i post things they never seem to get it! Latipac girl
  7. Hi, Thank you for that I feel much better now. I will wait for the phone call and tell them politely to go away and see what happens next. Laitpac girl
  8. Hi, I have an MBNA credit card and i sent the usual letter back in April with a postal order for £1. I did not put my signature to anything. They did not respond and i have been bombarded with phone calls and telling me i am in arrears. Now its September they have rung me and said that the postal order is not the right thing to do and i must send a cheque as it is government policy. They said i am £1000 in arrears because they have not encashed the postal order. I said it was therefore their fault because i had sent them the right money. They have insisted on a cheque and wonder if
  9. Hi, Thank you very much for your help i will send it off and see what happens. Regards Latipac girl
  10. I sent the usual letter requesting site of my original credit agreement. I have now received a letter sending a copy of my original agreement which says it has been updated with the current financial profile of my account and a signed statement of my account. They say they are not obliged to send me a signed agreement and to be assured that they would not have opened a credit card account without having sight of the signed agreement. They refer me also to Claims management businesses warned about misleading marketing claims - Ministry of Justice and are now trying to scare me. I do n
  11. Hi I have received a letter from Lloyds TSB with a copy of my original agreement which has been updated with the current financial profile of my account. Not the original signed one which they say there is no requirement to send me an original one. They have scared me by asking me to see the extract from a website Claims management businesses warned about misleading marketing claims - Ministry of Justice Am i write that it is still correct that they should provide a signed agreement because they say they would never have opened a credit card accouint without having sight of a signed agree
  12. Yes think i have suffered bank charges will check and then do that letter as well. Thanks. Latipac girl
  13. Hi Thanks for that i sent it yesterday by special delivery so should get it today. Regards Latipac girl
  14. Thank you for that. I have decided to send the letter refusing to pay until they provide the information.
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