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  1. The company should no be active because there is no directorate. I did not deal with Kubic as I just paid Natasha on a per item basis like Frank did. Jessica was never really a director. Frank used her to dump this on and being an innocent young girl did not realise this. One thing I do know from a reliable source is that on UK credit cards alone he took c £120k of money. Apparently £200 per card or client was paid to Natasha so there should recourse there. The balance of the money is goodness knows where. I would have thought Companies Jouse would have picked up te fact t
  2. Actually it was not MOJ but SRA closing their law firm down.
  3. Have MOJ closed down Cartel/ I thought they had stopped their legal firm from operating but as yet I was not aware Cartel have been closed down. This sould really be another thread of it's own as their guys are still out there selling. One was at Chambers of Commerce in my region the other week.
  4. I never in insulted anyone. The fact is that if you pay someone to process legal matters you expect the staff to have legal knowledge, be able to address letters to a bank properly (as opposed to bank name, Reading and a incorrect postcode) and be trained. Even if this system had any legal basis, the number of errors that took place would have prevented a high success rate anyway. There are still many matters that need looking at here other than who took most of the money. Given that Natasha was paid to do the legals, should she not refund this to clients?
  5. I am afraid you have missed the point entirely as have so many sheep who just follow the" it is all Frank's fault" lot Natasha Tate was paid by Frank to process paperwork. Therefore why did she not shout sooner that there was a problem and stop taking any further business on. DO YOU NOT REALISE THAT FRANK DID ACTUALLY PAY SOMEONE TO PROCESS THE PAPERWORK ON A LEGAL BASIS? This is what you have overlooked. If she had said no to more money and work from him the [problem] would have ground to a halt where credit cards are concerned. A [problem] cannot operate successfully
  6. Natasha I don't lie. The fact is that many clients had comfort in the fact that Frank referred everything to his legal advisers. You were his "legal advisers". Operating as Tate-Lloyd Legal Services LLP gives the impression you are a solicitor. On this basis clients had some comfort even if they did not see through the New York, Paris, London nonsense on the letterhead. You were not qualified to conduct this work but carried on regardless. Tinker has raised some questions which remain unanswered. Yes yes (yawn)we know you are referring this to your solicitor
  7. Quite agree. I think many are under the impression that the debts are settled when they are not. Just because the banks go silent does not mean anything. I understand that this BOE system has no legal basis.
  8. You did not have my permission. If you did why did you deny using it? Why did you keep on saying the system was working when it was not
  9. To be conducting legal work with client's important financial matters, one would expect staff to be educated to a certain level. This may have reduced the errors experience by all dealing with you.
  10. Well, well, yet another of Frank's clients called me today. It seems Natasha was using my company name from March last year for his clients when I first met her. This [problem] operating from Metropole Chambers needs serious investigation. How is it that I repeatedly raised this matter with the owner of Metropole Chambers he did nothing about it? How many people operated this [problem]? It is not just Frank to blame guys. Just because he took most of the money does not alleviate the guilt of the others. This poor client who spoke to me had not paid his creditors for
  11. Quite agree. So many times, the default judgements went out to wrong addresses. The default judgement that went out to Welcome Finance from Natasha re a secured loan had an incorrect address so that Welcome Finance never received it. The errors were endless so that even if this [problem] system had any legal basis, the process was not operated correctly. Frank would frequently call me and say that he was not providing any more business to her until the errors were corrected. She will probably try to sue me for saying this because she has no assets whatsoever and it would be a qu
  12. Just for any one new coming to this thread. I called Natasha Tate repeatedly telling her to stop using my company name and also called Russell Waters who I understand owns Metropole Chambers.
  13. What a b.....d! How could any person trap a 20 year old innocent girl like this. As we know she resigned as soon as she realised she had been conned. Just how low can human beings sink?
  14. Hi there, I actually did not pay anything to Frank Galler. All my money was paid to Natasha Tate.
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