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  1. Hi, My mums interest free mortgage is due to end in 3 years time. The mortgage was taken out by her and my dad but my dad moved out years ago and they are now divorced. The house is currently worth approx. £135000 with £105000 outstanding. My mum is 59 and earns approx. £18k per year. It’s highly unlikely that they would change her to an affordable repayment plan especially as she has a ccj. My husband and I would like to purchase the house but are unlikely to be able to do so for another 5/7 years due to negative equity in our own home. Therefore ideally we would like
  2. Thanks d, The account was opened September 2007 ..... does this make a difference?
  3. Hi, Thanks for your response. Does this mean that the debt is enforceable having acknowledged it? I'm happy to pay a full and final lump sum settlement but can't afford what they are asking for. A default for this account has been added to my credit file but I am concerned that if I only payback£10 per month it will continue to affect my credit rating (as Lowell have informed me it will take 15 years to repay and my credit file will be affected for this period of time). I'm also concerned of them proceeding with CCJ. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I had an online account with Oli (a Freeman's sister company) opened online in 2007. The account defaulted in 2010 but Lowell have recently increased activity re. recovering the outstanding £1800. I have had many health issues over the past few years which resulted in me defaulting on a few credit accounts. I emailed Lowell and offered a full and final settlement of £300 and a request to remove the default from my credit file (I know this is unlikely but I thought I'd have a go). They came back to me and advised that the lowest they could go was
  5. Hi My husband and I have had numerous car loans and mortgages over the past 10 years and have decided to attempt to reclaim any ppi that may have been misold. I do not have the account numbers or any paperwork relating tomthesecaccounts - if I call the company and tell them I had an account and my name and address can they provide me with the account number to allow me to find out if there was ppi? Many thanks
  6. Hi i have lived at my address since the end of 2006 - i have never recieved a rates bill and to be honest didn't even think a thing about it - my first house etc.. Our housing development had been well established and my house was an addition and probably was not on the system. I recieved a crd through the door today from my local rates office requesting to speak with me regarding my rates. I am now panicking that they will try to make me pay from 2006 despite never having recieved a bill. What are my rights? I live in Northern Ireland - equivalent to council tax mainland. Many than
  7. HI i'm inthe same posutuin with MBNA - i put the account in dispute a few months ago - i recieved much the same as you have described and mine was taken out in 2006 online also. Hadn't heard anything until a few days ago when they wrote to me staing that they believed the agreement to be enforceable and that the tick box indicated my acceptance of the agreement, t&c's. I shall watch with interest and keep you informed of any developments on my part.
  8. Thanks again! A problem shared is a problem halved as they say. I'm sure this place is responsible for saving many a persons sanity.
  9. pity you were'nt my next door neighbour Royal Irish lol!
  10. Great advice Scarletpimpernell, thanks! Very surprised myself that they called in our town but hey.
  11. Absolutelt RI - have to say he did back down when i called and said that i would speak to Egg myself - ''shall be just leave it like that then''? he said. Would rather be unemployed than have to do his job for a living!
  12. Thanks Sillygirl - will do. Do i report Egg, Resolvecall or both?
  13. This man also sat outside for quite a while before coming to the door - writing in a notebook! Nobody wants to be in debt and this is really unnecessary and upsetting. Hopefully i won't have another experience - think i'll send the same letter to all of my creditors jsut in case. Thanks again for all the help!
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