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  1. Advice please needed. I have an ongoing problem with Anglian i haven't paid a bill in 6 years, i moved to a new build, sent in appropriate details of change of address and heard nothing. A few years later on i received a bill address to Highfield rd, i'm Highfield place, passed letter on to correct addresse and found out that they'd been putting my bills in the bin( didn't know my address existed). I contacted Anglian by phone and email explaining this and was told someone would call me back, they never did. Bills stopped then s
  2. I keep getting calls from this no,they spoke to my partner this morning left this no and a ref no and told him to tell me to fone,but gave no info on who they are or what they want.I tried foning out of curiosity and there was a recoreded message saying all our agents are buzy please hold the line,so i hung up.I have afew debt collectors after me at the moment and was wondering if these could be one.If anybody knows who these are please let me know.Tried looking online but can't find out myself.Thanks
  3. I have recieved another letter today thats 3 in the last 3 weeks,it states i have failed to make a payment under a county court judgement.I have heard nothing from the courts regarding this.It states if i don't contact them or respond to this letter they assume i am purposely avoiding repayment,even though its not my debt too pay.They are going to advise client to instruct solicitors to take action against me,which could increase debt further. Should i just ignore? What should i do now.
  4. i think i'll wait and see what happens as i don't want to make them aware of the dates incase they have got them wrong,but its stated on the letter they have sent me as being 01/04/04.As you said they can still chase me for the debt how long can they do this for?
  5. Thanks as i have made no payments on this at all and they are claiming that this goes back from 04 does this mean they can't chase me for payment.
  6. Over the last few months i have had afew letters from moorcroft about a debt for water rates from 01/04/04 to 01/10/06 from an old address.I moved out in 06/05 i was squatting,was evicted.Long story.I told them i wasn't living there 05 when i spoke to them on the fone(i know i shouldn't have and wont do again) in which they couldn't tell me these dates and had to go back to severne trent.They have now said they want proof of when i vacated,which i no longer do as i had no tenancy agreement,due to squatting.I have susequently moved twice since.Should i cca them as i have disputed this debt from
  7. hi,my partner has just had a letter from the social regarding some loans he had off them in 2005(we think).These consist of 3 loans they have given us no dates of when he had them.He was recieving incapacity benefit then.He can't even remember taking 2 of these loans out. Amounts are for £300 loan 1,£328.90 loan 2,£414.76 loan 3.And have now said they are going to take off of us £51.66 a week.They are going by the terms he agreed to when the loan was taken out.I'm not happy about this as you can see by the amount they're taking back,and are due to start deductions next week.I've sent a lett
  8. Thanks for this,should i contact bt for a copy of the verbal agreement or wescott?
  9. I have no idea what the full brekdown of this debt is. I got a final bill from bt for about 39.00 for calls made.Paid this. Then heard nothing for about 3 months Then got a letter from wescott saying i owed bt just under £200.So i phoned bt and the told me it was for bb rental for ending contract early,which worked out at around £30.00 a month.I ended the contract in feb,and the contract wasn't due to end until august so i've been charged 6 mths rental charges.
  10. I phoned them because the letter they sent me stated it was for bt and as i wasn't aware of a debt with them i wanted to know what the hell it was for. Had a very quick conversation with them disputed this debt and told them i'd be contacting bt myself.i did and was told by bt they would contact the dc for me to arrange a payment plan.Didn't hear anything for afew weeks then got a letter off a solicitor saying if i didn't pay with'n 7 days they would seek further costs and would take me to court. Not sure on what to do next.
  11. Thanks anyway,I've steered well clear of credit cards and the one credit company i do owe i'm on top of my debts with them. Its debts from other addresses i've lived at over the last five years which are coming back to haunt me most i don't even owe them the money they say i do. One more thing i've noticed recently that i've severne trent water have applied a debt on my credit file which is for an old address,i wasn't living there at the time they say the debt is for so i'm in the process of disputing are they allowed to do this,they put this on my file in 2006.Can i do anything about this
  12. Can i ask for cca's on utility bills etc as none of my debts are for credit card or loans etc
  13. Its for a debt with bt,long story i changed supplier was told by bt that my contract was up in afew weeks so went ahead with switch.Then found out that my fone line rental was for 12 mths but my broadband was a 18 mth contract and this debt is for ending broadband contract early,contacted bt and was told that as it had been passed onto dc that there was nothing they could do.Even though this is all there fault.i thought i was doing the right thing by phoning them to check first but obviously i was wrong. I'm only owning up to pay this debt because they've threatened to add on almost £70 in c
  14. I'm slowly sorting out my debts and am in the process of writing afew letters to numerous debt collectors offering small token payments can anybody offer me some advice in what i should put as i don't want to get it wrong. Thanks I've tried looking in the letter templates but can't find anything.
  15. Hi,thanks for your quick reply.The debt i'm currently paying capquest is for water rates which is my debt and i'm paying.I'll be finished paying this debt around christmas. None of my debts are from loans or credit cards. I will do as you've said.In regards to the prove it letters can i do this to all the debt collectors who i currently dispute over owing debts too?And if they do send me proof that i do indeed owe them,should i also offer £1 a month to them?As i know i'm going to be paying quite afew debt collectors.
  16. I've got myself into abit of a mess.Over the past couple of months i've had numerous debt collectors chasing me for old debts. 2 are from wescott,One debt is in dispute. The other is for bt,I changed broad band and phone line supplier,i phone bt to check that my contract was due up,in which it was and was told by them that all i would have to pay is calls made.So i made the switch i then got a final bill paid that and thought that was the end of it.I then got a letter from wescott telling me i owed bt 194.55.I phoned them to dispute this debt they then told me it was for broadband as it
  17. Thanks I questioned them over this and they told me that i have to prove that this isn't my debt,even though before i asked this question they told me over and over again that Because i didn't notify them of change of address that its my debt and i'm liable.Is this correct,as they told me the call was recorded and if this is the case then they are lying and will have the proof of the phonecall.Can i request a copy of the call that was made as i'm going to go to my local citizens advice on monday,as i'm fed up of them now.
  18. I have just got off the phonbe to wescott about a debt that there trying to get me to pay which isn't mine. Its for water rates for an address which i move out of in 2005,this debt is for 2006.I explained this to the lady who i spoke to,but she didn't listen and kept saying that as i didn't inform them of me moving out that i am liable.Is this true? I'm currently paying a debt with another company for water rates for a debt in 2006 for another address.So why should i pay this. Can anybody please tell me what i can or should do. Thanks.
  19. no, i haven't done a cca rquest as this is for a utility bill water rates and when i'd first ageed payments i hadn't known about this website or i would have done and as i've already agreed to pay and acknowledged the debt as mine,i didn't think i could now as this was over a year ago,they started chasing me for this debt.I now owe £270 which was originally £750+ and not much more then that. They've supplied no regular statements of what i've paid or whats left owing only that they'd do 6 monthly rewiews of the case and i have absolutely no idea if they've added any extra charges.
  20. I'm paying by bank transfer,they wanted to set up a direct debit but i told them politetly where to go,as i have friends who have delt with these before and upped payments on them without prior notice,and took alot more then they should have. It's for water rates for severne trent. What should i put in the letter as i'm not brilliant about getting the point across and can be too nice? Thanks for your replys.
  21. I've been paying a debt with capquest at £45.00 a month which i'm struggling to pay at the moment. I've recieved a letter from them that they've done a review of the case and want to up payments from £45.00 to £54.Well they're telling me they're upping the payments. I can't afford this as i'm paying other debts off too at the moment and my monthly outgoings on debts which i'm paying are more then half of my montly income as it is. Could you advise on what i should do as i know if i phone them they'll tell me the usual that they won't reduce the payments. I owed them over £700 when they
  22. Hi,had another letter from eon today regarding complaint they've told me if i don't send proof in before the 27th may they will not stop any follow up for the debt,and would close the complaint. I phoned the no on the letter and the person dealing with this matter isn't in the offiice until i explained to the the reason for phoning then told me they would check to see if he is available,after telling me moments before he wasn't in? The letter is signed from somebody from the directors office. Please help as i'm not sure what to do next,I'm at the end of my tether and have had enough of the
  23. help, i'm due a phone call today regarding this matter around 10am,i made a complaint about them to one of the sites which was recommended by this site.They spoke to my partner yesterday and said they were from eon and were phoning regards to a complaint they'd recieved and asked him what time would be best to contact me to speak to me about this. Should i answer there call or tell them i will only correspond through letters.As i'm not sure what to do next. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.........
  24. Thanks for that.Just one more question,still waiting for reply from courts been nearly 3 weeks since i sent info off to them offered to pay £15 a month,should i pay this while waiting for a response from the solicitors for the the SAR to come back from them?
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