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  1. HI there many thanks for your help thus far, is there a template I can use to now write to them and claim all the capitaliation back please? As I am new to this I do not know the law and things to quote to them thank you
  2. Hi there can anyone advise me on the statements above at all please? I dont know what the next step is now I have these documents Many thanks
  3. Hi all Please find below 6 links to my statements - I hope this has worked I worked out I have paid £3228.86 to Welcome on a loan of £1600 - there was a charge of £1019.80 for PPI but I have dealt with that seperately and had an offer of £498 refund but they want to "clear my arrears" I have refused the clear the arrears option and await a cheque for the ppi I just dont know what to do next now I have these statements Thanking you all in advance
  4. Sorry Im unaware I needed to go back to the thread appologies Its 8 pages long will it be ok? Please forgive me Im just unsure how to scan so much on this site
  5. Hi all you helpfull people. You were great with me a few weeks back re Welcome finance and sent me a template to ask for a statement on my hugely overpaid account. I am now in possesion of the statements what do I do next? Thanking you all in advance x
  6. Thanks x I am going to send the letter Ozzywizard put on for me today/tomorrow recorded delivery and see what happens then do I just come back here and let you know?
  7. Hi all let me know if this has worked for you x
  8. Thank you so much eveyone Im genuinely touched by your responses and no longer feel as helpless. I had posted on a different site at the same time and all I got was abuse about not running my finances correctly Im afraid all I have is the policy schedule not the original agreement, I had a lot of problems some years ago and had a breakdown Once I pulled myself together I got my life in order and I moved 85 miles from my home town for a fresh start I can only assume I lost the original agreement in my move and sillyness of not being on the planet (I can smile about that now) anyway let
  9. Hi there yes I can scan it do I just embed it in a post on here once scanned? Thank you
  10. Hi there, Could someone please help me? I took a loan out with Welcome in 2006 for £1000. I now know I was miss sold PPI and have addressed this however I have paid £61 per month for the last 4 years. I wrote to them re the ppi and also asked for a full and complete statement of my account as I felt it should be paid by now. This morning I received a letter headed "some facts you should be aware of!!" It then goes on to tell me I owe £1843.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can this be? It tells me Im in arrears (I did miss a couple of payments very early on) After 4 years o
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