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  1. Can I just refuse to let them in, in the hope the debt will revert back to the council?
  2. I can't remember exactly but last time they came was about December when I phoned them on seeing their letter. I offered to have a payment plan but they insisted I pay at least £50 a week which I cannot afford.
  3. I can't afford to pay them this amount and they will not accept a payment plan as I don't work every week.
  4. I arrived home today to find a hand delivered note from Equita stating someone had called to execute a liability order/distress warrant. It also states that if I fail to contact them within the next 24 hours they will have no alternative but to re-attend my home and remove goods for sale. The debt is £551.01 and they have added £235 for enforcement making a total of £786.01. This debt is for council tax at a previous address and I do not dispute the debt. I have already complained to my local council about the aggressive way I've been spoken to on the phone by employees of Equita.
  5. He's trying to divorce me and I'm making it as difficult as I can. So, that's probably the answer. Thank you so much for your time.
  6. I may have done - I'm always pressing buttons but does it mean I owe money???
  7. Hello Can anyone tell me what a D90 document is. I had a note left by a County Court Bailiff saying they had one which needed my attention. I haven't got a clue what this is about.
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