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  1. Can I just refuse to let them in, in the hope the debt will revert back to the council?
  2. I can't remember exactly but last time they came was about December when I phoned them on seeing their letter. I offered to have a payment plan but they insisted I pay at least £50 a week which I cannot afford.
  3. I can't afford to pay them this amount and they will not accept a payment plan as I don't work every week.
  4. I arrived home today to find a hand delivered note from Equita stating someone had called to execute a liability order/distress warrant. It also states that if I fail to contact them within the next 24 hours they will have no alternative but to re-attend my home and remove goods for sale. The debt is £551.01 and they have added £235 for enforcement making a total of £786.01. This debt is for council tax at a previous address and I do not dispute the debt. I have already complained to my local council about the aggressive way I've been spoken to on the phone by employees of Equita. I was told that if Equita cannot get the debt from me they will hand it back to the council. This is what I expected to happen but now it seems Equita are not prepared to give up and of course they can now claim the £235 enforcement fee. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a single mother who works through an agency and I'm not always working.
  5. He's trying to divorce me and I'm making it as difficult as I can. So, that's probably the answer. Thank you so much for your time.
  6. I may have done - I'm always pressing buttons but does it mean I owe money???
  7. Hello Can anyone tell me what a D90 document is. I had a note left by a County Court Bailiff saying they had one which needed my attention. I haven't got a clue what this is about.
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