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  1. Can anyone give me some kind of address please who i send the letter to regarding Calder ? Thanks In Advance
  2. Just one more thing DG would you know the correspondance address for Calder
  3. My wife and i have now got problems with Calder. Back in January my wife noticed two fraud payments on her credit card with Littlewoods. My wife immediately put in a stop of card and a fraud claim be issued against the account. After numerous letters and 3 phone calls and 5 months we recieved the claim form from Barclaycard. We sent the claim form back, and also we want to claim for all the charges that had incurred on the account. Now the reason for this is that my wife's card was in credit, always paid via DD and never missed a payment, she stopped the DD after waiting more th
  4. They say you have provisionally been excepted and Ralph Marlon are Wentworth as is Parkside Financial Services.. Contact the bank mate and Wentworth BY MAIL not phone as they will keep you hanging on the line for 45 minutes..power of writing seems to make them wake up
  5. I was not 100% sure where to put this..i need some advice My wife bought Travel insurance from Boots at Manchester Airport on the 10th July 2009,it was cover for 17 days. When she arrived in Amsterdam from Manchester her connected flight to Chengdu China was canceled due to plane failure and unsafe to fly. She was put up in a hotel by the airport and given a phone card (Did Not Work) and her next available flight was 3pm on saturday afternoon. She would of originally flew into China at 10am on saturday morning, but arrived at 7am sunday morning. I have copied and paste
  6. Update on this I took the advice and wrote to them regarding the two companies were based in the same area also stated the terms and conditions of the refund status from their terms. i gave them 14 days to refund and not the 4 weeks that advised. 25th June 09 Letter arrived this morning from Wentworth with a cheque for £105, not the £110 that had been taken from my account, they have charged me £5 admin fee to produce the cheque, (Cheeky buggers) but the end of it is that at least i have regained most of the money. Many thanks guys on here, very helpful and these places you
  7. It states in their terms and conditions that if you do not go ahead with an application you have to write in to them via post, and it is taking 3-4 weeks for refunds, i am in dispute with them at present
  8. Update letter sent today from HSBC Thank you for your e-message received 1 June 2009. As requested, I have initiated a dispute on the above Maestro transactions which debited your account on 28 May 2009. Please keep this reference number : 2850254 and 2850256 for future reference regarding this dispute. I confirm that you will be contacted once the matter is resolved. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards Anantha Gautaman HSBC Internet Banking Customer Support
  9. i have now requested a charge back / Recall of the £110 due to it being a [problem] from the company Wentworth Direct Finance, and have requested a new direct debit card. will update when i recieve a mail from HSBC
  10. Fella Many thanks for the advice, so appreciated, will contact bank now through internet banking and stop card. it is good to have forums of this nature..thanks again
  11. It came out on the 28th May, what is a charge back ?
  12. So send Wentworth the letter or Ralph Marlon, as i am not dealing with Ralph Marlon at present as i still have the Application form at home, its Wentworth i want the money from, so this suggestion of a letter should go to Wentworth
  13. The heading on my letter says PARKFIELD FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD In Association with Ralph Marlon Ltd (Personal Loans) Then the address i posted earlier Also states on the letter that they can be contacted between 12pm - 8pm which is also not true as i had to leave a message, but my main concern is the £110 debited from our account by Wentworth is this not fraud on the second transaction ?
  14. The letter i got from Parkfield have their address as follows Maple House Maple Estate Barnsley South Yorks S75 2BL
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