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  1. OK thanks. The figure that they have supplied for premiums paid is actually quite a bit more than I had worked out based on the statements that they sent me so either they have found the other statements or their average has been worked out differently to mine. Either way this is at the upper end of what I was expecting so I am going to accept to finally put an end to it. Thanks for all your help.
  2. My letter finally arrived today and they have included some calculations. At first glance they look ok to me but if anyone would like to take a look they are as follows: 1) Refund of the premiums paid between 25/4/2003 and 10/1/2006 including average balance calculations where electronic records are missing = £1393.11 2) Interest that was debited to my credit card in respect of these premiums = £660.38 3) Simple interest at 8% = £1358.22 4) Less basic rate of tax = £271.65 Total Redress = £3140.06 To be honest I'm quite happy with the offer but I am happy to listen to peop
  3. Thanks. I will do. Hoping it will come today but HSBC don't seem to do anything by the book so I'll be amazed if there are any figures included.
  4. Hi everyone. I have an update on this claim. As mentioned previously the FOS upheld my case and HSBC were given 8 weeks to make me an offer. After 8 weeks I hadn't received anything so I called them only to find that they still had my old address on file. This claim has taken 3 and a half years. I didn't realise it had taken so long so had no idea that they still had my previous address. Anyway, I went in to the branch and changed my address and then spent several days trying to speak to somebody on the phone to find out what happens now. (The PPI team won't speak to you on the phone and
  5. Sorry to be a pain but I wonder if somebody could help me clarify what sort of offer I should be expecting from HSBC as I am very confused at the moment. There seems to be different calculation sheets and differing advice floating about. I paid approximately £814 in PPI on the credit card. I have now found that the interest on the card was 12.9%. Working out what I am due back has baffled me because I have come up with figures of anywhere between £1000 and £3300. The card was taken out in April 2003 and was paid off using a loan in 2004 before the card was run up again. The account was pa
  6. I will do. I'm sure they will try to get out of paying the full amount.
  7. Just realised what you meant about the card debt being sold to a DCA. If I remember correctly I took out a loan to pay off the card and then due to being young and stupid I managed to run up a debt on the card again. This was then sold to a DCA later on.
  8. Ok thank you. I'm not entirely sure how to work all that out as I no longer have statements etc for the loan. Everything I had with HSBC was sold on to a DCA. I think I may just wait until HSBC make me an offer and then come back if I am unsure of anything if that's ok. Thanks for your help.
  9. Ok I think I understand. However, the interest stopped being changed when I took out a HSBC loan and used part of that to pay off the credit card. So although, the card ended, I would think that interest was still being charged on the PPI amounts through the loan that I had with them. Not sure if this will be taken in to account. Sorry for all the questions. Just want to make sure they don't try to fob me off with a low offer.
  10. Thanks for the info. I am a little confused though. Will they still have to pay compound interest and if so when would they have had to pay this up until?
  11. Ok great. I have just redone my compund interest sheet and according to that by delaying things as long as they have its going to cost them an extra £1200.
  12. I have had a similar situation with HSBC and the FOS informed me that unless the bank can supply any new evidence then they are unlikely to change their minds. It can however take another while they look in to the reasons that they do not agree with the decision. I have had a letter today to say that my complaint has been upheld and that I should expect an offer from HSBC within 8 weeks.
  13. I will do. Out of curiosity, as this has taken so long to get resolved, will I have accrued more interest that they will have to cough up or doesn't it work like that?
  14. Just thought id come back and update this even though it had been almost 3 years. HSBC played hard ball all the way through and refused to admit to mis-selling. In the end I took it to the ombudsman who found in my favour. HSBC still refused to accept the decision and despite having no new evidence decided to appeal. Another long wait but today the Ombudsman have written to me to inform me that they have upheld my complaint and that I will hear from HSBC within the next 8 weeks with an offer. I just hope they don't drag their heels as they have done from the st
  15. Quick update. I sent HSBC a letter before action and gave them 14 days to respond. Today is the 14th day from when they received it and still no response. Any tips on what I should do next? Thanks
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