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  1. Just like to mention also that we have a collective interest in pursuing them also for unfair relationships. I know this has been considered before, but we need to move forward before they reorganise and continue to defraud more borrowers. How was GMAC and Kensington brought down, they are all under the same organisation as SPML and Capstone. · Under Section 150 of the Financial Services and Market Act (FSMA), a borrower is entitled to claim damages for loss suffered as a result of any contravention by an authorized person of an FSA rule. In the case of such contravention by an o
  2. Hi All Hope you are all having a pleasant break from the traumas these companies have inflicted on us. I believe we are nearing the end so be strong because that is the only way we will be victorious. Recently had letters from LMC and Capstones about the servings of my mortgage. Yesterday I received a letter from Capstone with a paying book and new account details for Barclays bank. I don’t understand why I’ve been sent a paying-in-book as I have never used one to pay my mortgage. I don’t understand how they can transfer my mortgage to so many different companies without my c
  3. Hi All Been off-line for some time but have followed some of the comments and postings on site. I'm confused as to why we are still battling with these companies when there is evidence to show that they are legal crooks. I was at court yesterday, I hope for the final time with these crooks trying to evict me from my home. I nearly move out completely last year because I was sure I was up for repossession. But I didn't go to court empty handed, I took information about the companies Matlock/LMC/SPML/LPL have all been involved in court hearings. I can't remember the times I been to court
  4. Read the FSA link June '09 that four specialist lenders referred to enforcement for poor treatment of customers in arrears. Let up hope that SPML is one of them. When I get back form court I would like to know how to go about making a claim for unfair charges. I just want this date to be suspended then I'll be ready to take them on. To date I have paid over £1300 in litigation fees and that has nothing to do with the arrears fees.
  5. I have looked at the GMAC-RFC the finding by the FSA - the FSA had decided to impose a financial penalty of £2.8 million on the firm. This penalty is imposed for breaches of Principle 3 (Management and control) and Principle 6 (Customers’ interests) of the Principles for Businesses (“the Principles”) and Rules 12.4.1 R and 13.3.1 R in the Mortgages and Home Finance: Conduct of Business sourcebook (“MCOB”) in the period between 31 October 2004 and 30 November 2008 (“the Relevant Period”). Is this not the way forward for all of us? GMAC/SPML have pushed their custimers into arrears to reposse
  6. Hi All The statement posted was what I presented to the DJ the last time I had a hearing in June. I'm a law person although I did contract law at university many years ago and after reading information on this site from the caggers, I felt I had to help myself out of the hole I was in, or loose my property to this repossession company SPML. The consumer credit act and the Lehman prospectus help me put the statement together and I believe that's why SPML could not evict me from my home. This is the section I believe will help us if we are going to fight them - In addition, where unfair
  7. I‘ve been off line for some time due to the repossession/eviction order on my property and having to move out of my house and live with a relative for a few months. I’ve gone through 3 appeals for benefits to help pay my mortgage I was told I am not entitled to benefits or re-housing by the council. I’ve been following the threads and I’m please you have reach a consensus regarding the way forward in fighting these crooks. I did suggest unfair relationships a few months ago after reading the Lehman prospectus and realized how these companies were operating. I believe we all have unfair c
  8. Hi Folks Just would like to tell you guys about my hearing on Friday. My server has been giving me problems for days now and I've just logged on again. I get to stay in my house ordered by the judge with strong arguments against provide by SPML t/as London Personal Loans which claimed the court made an error by sending out Eviction notice with LPL as the claimant. Although the DJ did not openly say he thought there was something not quite right about the company I'm sure he listened to my argument concerning securitisation with Eurosail, SPML,LMC,LPL,Capstones, and Preferred Mor
  9. Hi Littledotty So sorry to hear the DJ did'nt consider your evidence and was biased and in favour of SPML repossessing. I'm on a bit of a downer today as I won't be rehoused and don't want to have to depend on any of my family to put me up. You still have time for another hearing and one of the DJ might consider the facts before them. Keep trying don't give up don't let them win your loss is their gain.
  10. Hi All Had my hearing and hanging on as SPML's brief insist I prove my ability to pay off the arrears because I was off sick for some time. Tried to get hold of the TV reporter but he hasn't got back to me yet. I'm not sure who else contacted him, other than Littledotty, but it seems he has lost interest. At the hearing I asked the DJ to consider info I found in the Lehman's prospectus. The Lehman Brothers Prospectus dated 16 November 2007. I would not like to repeat what he said when I argued that I have reason to believe that Spml is not the legal titleholer of my property and
  11. Hi lola & cecil Good that SPML didn't turn up, but havn't followed your dispute with them. Would be interested to know what line of arguement you intended to represent to the court as I have a hearing soon. SPML has never been on my buildings insurance cover, and they have now represented themselves as another company which I was not informed taking over my mortgage, but they say its the limited company that's repossessing me and that's SPML.
  12. Hi All Do you think we could all use this legislation to argue our cases and get the courts to see that so many of us cannot be wrong about the unfair treament by SPML/LMC to their borrowers. 'where unfair relationships harm the collective interests of consumers' The laws are there to protect consumers and can make these repossessions unenforceable, if the courts can't be fair to individually then it must take account of collective action brought against these companies. A time order provided in the Consumer credit Act can give borrowers more time to repay a debt, why are these c
  13. Hi CAGERS I have no choice but to take this further I'm moving forwards. Applied to the court to suspend the eviction, have a hearing soon. we can't all be wrong about these companies, so I need evidence to take on SPML/LMC/LPL. We are all in this together and since we are all sufferers under SPML and its subsidaries these companies need looking at. I have reason to believe that SPML/LPL is not the legal owner of my mortgage and after speaking to someome at LMC they do appear to have a copy of my buildings insurance cover. So therefore, as I understand neither SPML/LMC/LPL do no
  14. Spoke to solicitor acting for SPML today pointing out that the letter from them the claimant is LMC but the court eviction notice is London Personal Loans. Also pointed out that after checking companies house there is no such company as LPL registered, so how can this company legally evict me from my home. Still waiting for a call back from her. I will be writing to LMC and the court regarding the info I have on SPML and Eurosail. I dont want to be evicted and then find it was done illegally I want to make sure they aware that the company evicting me could be doing so illegally. These c
  15. LMC is now London Personal Loans because that's the company on my court eviction notice, but the solicitor at the CAB dosn't see anything wrong with that. Had contact with him but he can't represent me in court, he thinks the DJ will accept that the details on the Land Registry is legal and that SPML is the registered owner of the mortgage. He cannot see why it would make any difference to the claim that my mortgage is with SPML/LMC and the claimant is now SPML/LPL. He dosen't understand the info I sent him on securitisation and could not rely on the information in court because its out o
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