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  1. Do you not think that the clause says, that if I don't sign (completion of) that I will get the bill?
  2. there is a clause, but it says.The employer shall pay to the advisor a contribution of £250.00 (inclusive of VAT) towards the employees legal expenses relating exclusively to the completion of this agreement and upon production of an appropriate VAT invoice addressed to the employee for payment by the employer.I have issues with my employer and don't want to sign!
  3. Thanks for the help.My employer has given me a compromise agreement. I need to work out if it's worth taking.
  4. Okay thanks. will my Statutory redundancy pay be a 12 week average wage also?
  5. I'm not sure how to work out redundancy pay! What if the top line pay has changed? Is it worked out on the weeks pay you last got? By this I mean, I was paid 450 a week 12 months ago, Then this went to 400 a week, and then 330 a week 12 weeks ago! What will it be worked out on? I will get 11 weeks redundancy for my 11 years working. And my contract says another 11 weeks PILON. Finally, what will be taxed, and at what rate?
  6. Yes, I know they have failed in their duty of care and have had a claim on going from day one, and have brought grievances about the traffic routes and being banned from using my bike on site, all is in this thread. This is why I feel I am about to be made redundant. I have a solicitor to look into it and a union, because yet again I don't feel my employer is following procedure.
  7. Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I now have more important things to press on with. My employer has now decided I am being considered for redundancy!! I think I'll need to start another post lol.
  8. I was just on the ACAS site. Honest lol. Thanks for that. Am I within my rights to ask my employer to see any risk assessments they have done in relation to the two bike accidents? Or does he not have to?
  9. Well I have been looking but can't find anything that says the same person can't chair the grievance and it's appeal. In fact on the businesslink site it says this. Ideally the person hearing the appeal shouldn't be the same person that heard the initial hearing, eg a more senior manager who has not been involved with the grievance process at all. They will be able to hear any appeal without having any assumptions. However, where the person hearing the appeal is the same person who heard the first hearing, they should act impartially and make sure they review the original decis
  10. I did think of doing this, as you mentioned it earlier. But not sure it will change their minds. And now I know they never reported an accident that they should have, it's just another fact I can chuck back at them. I'm not very good at all this though, and so find it hard to understand what to do. For example, I can't just say that the appeal was, in direct contravention of the grievance and appeals process. Because if they press me on it, thats all I know lol. Where can I read up on the proper way do this process?
  11. I have been back in touch with the HSE just to make sure that my accident from 3 years ago was not reported, and this is the case. I still feel like I'm carrying the can for the company's failings on their traffic routs though. Not only is it all the points that have been mentioned above, but now I know they were happy to brush the first accident under the carpet, but say they are banning bikes because of two accidents when it suites them. And as we have said the second may not of happened at all, had they acted on the first one. Anyway, as this thread has died of some what and
  12. I have phoned HSE and gave them the ref number that RIDDOR gave me. It came up as an arm injury to another employee. I told the person on the phone how I got to where I was and asked, had I asked for the search to be done in the right way. He said I had, but could do another search if I wanted, so I said yes. He got back to me and said my accident was reported. I checked the date of the report, and it's for the second one. He said it was reported that a bike had skidded on sheet ice, resulting in an injury to the riders right foot.
  13. Okay, I will phone the disclosure officer as soon as I can. I feel if anything the first one was not reported, as this was on a right of way to the factory, that the company is ment to keep in good order and clean, as they run heavy plant on it.
  14. BeauBrummie, nothing has been done about the poor state of the roads. The pot hole that caught me out 3 years ago is still there.As for having my appeal upheld, would this work in this case. As in because it is health and safety being used, and the company isn't going to drop it is it?
  15. I can't answer that. I had to phone RIDDOR back as I was out when they phoned. All they originaly said was, they would do a search using my name and the companys name. When I phoned back I was told a report had been made and sent to the HSE. I asked when the report was made, but they said I would need to phone the HSE and ask for a disclosure officer for the details. I have a ref number but not the time to phone them.
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