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  1. yes i had to go back to work. eithr welcome or another finance company had a PI tailing me(they were **** i clocked them 3 times) after i lmaf it began to spook me so i went back to work
  2. what happens about the fact they DO NOT have the white copy
  3. can anyone help about the charges for letters etc as they are mounting up
  4. how do i find out if it was registered
  5. havnt heard anything about a charge only get letters asking us to get in touch with them
  6. they paid for about six months and the again for three months a year later
  7. they cant have an original copy cos weve got it,as ive been laid off short term we havnt paid them this year yet and as yet theres not been any threats yet but still worried
  8. the insurance expired in dec 2008 and we are still paying for it
  9. hi, just over five years ago we took out a secured loan with welcome, First we got the cheque of them before the cooling off period was up.second, six months into the loan i took ill and could not pay them,my wife got in touch with them and basically got grief of them. After a few months my wife rang them and was told to claim on the insurance, WE DID NOT WANT THE INSURANCE WHEN WE TOOK OUT THE LOAN AND MADE SURE THEY WERE AWARE OF THIS. My wife told them we did not have insurance. OH YES YOU DO ! said the nice young man (who seemed to disappear after this), my wife called into the office and asked them for copy of the agreement (as we never got one) and bless her she snatched the blue copy and the white copy which we still have somewhere an lo lots of different peoples writing on it but we only dealt with one person. third we keep getting chares off them for telephone calls (strange the dont have our number) letters and visits. we recieved a copy of a contract (which we have never seen before) on it it tells about these charges.When we signed the blue copy the charges contract was sneakily placed under it and our signatures are there but not on the dotted line and they gradually fade as happens with carbon paper is there anything we can do to GET them thanx
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