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  1. The addresses on their system is correct. I was, however, away for awhile and we had rented the house out. I don't know if they recieved anything. What do you think is the likelihood that I would be successful if I filed another n244, but this time for a judgement with a hearing?
  2. Out of priniciple. I feel I shouldn't have to pay, if I filed another N244, this time for a judgement with a hearing, what is the liklihood that I will be successful. I feel that the council is doing this only when I said I'd take them to the small claims court for over £500 that they owe me. Please advise anyone, as whatever I do, I want to do it soon. Its a real hassle parking the car far from the house, just in case teh bailiffs decide to make an impromptu visit.
  3. The letter from the bailiff said to pay £166 just before I filed teh N244. Do you think I could still pay that amount and stop anu further action?
  4. I paid £40 to the court and I didn't attend. They haven't taken the car, and I have now moved the car away from the house so they can't clamp it I filed a stat dec out of time, because I didn't recieve any nto or order for recovery. But the stat dec out of time was refused. I then filed a N244 within the 14 days time limit, but it has since been refused by the court officer and no reason was given. The alleged parking ticket was from 11th January 2008. Is it just better to pay the £155 the council are claiming and the £11 to the bailiff (before they attend teh property) or is there any chance of having the warrant of excution revoked.?
  5. I filed an N244 application for a alleged parking ticket, but it was refused. What do I do now?
  6. Hi, I recently had a N244 application for a parking contravention. As the council is refusing to pay the amount that their appointed bailiffs collected back I have decided to file a N1 claim form, can anyone help me in filling this out as I have never done this before?
  7. The contravention occured in Wandsworth on the 11th of January 2008. The statutory declaration was done almost 2 years ago. And we hadn't heard from them again until last Tuesday (16/11/2010). I have since this incident occured moved from this address, but I am still on am good friends with the person who lives there, so I go there often. I have also since sold the car, but to someone who lives in teh same building as me, so the car is parked in the car park of where I live now. I did not recieve the notice to owner, they sent the letter they send after the NTO together with a statutory declaration.
  8. I started work at company as an HR and Payroll Administrator in 2007. I didn't have nay knowledge in either of the fields but I was assured I would be trained. I was not trained and during the time I was there I was made to feel incompetent and useless. After 6 months, my line manager went on maternity leave and the replacement was unbearable. She had a particular dislike towards me, she made comments to others regarding me, even making racist comments, and she bullied and victimised me to a point that I had a pnci attack, ended up in hospital and was signed off for four weeks. Prior to this, she had disciplined me for minor mistakes and ended up giving me a final written warniing. This was not in line with the procedure. I never recieved any help from my teh senior directors or managers. While I was on sick leave, I found out that she was turning up to work drunk (I had suspected this, while I was there) and she had to be escorted off the premises due to many complaints. My director asked me to come back, even though I was on sick leave and I also knew he still wanted me out, but he was being clever about it because he was in a difficult situation. After she left, even though I had friends there, some of the comments made were racial. For example, we were all once discussing which superhero we would be and a colleague suggested I should strap some sausages to my waist and call myself a suicide bomber. My line manger made a comment regarding immigration, even though I was born here and have lived here all my life. Another colleague made suggestions regarding me, immigration and welfare benefits. I clarified that none of my family had ever claimed benefits, that my brother was managing director and my other brother worked for the ministry of defence. But that was brushed off as not being the norm. I soon found out that my line manager was trying to make me redundant, I was hurt, so I gave in my notice. The lady they hired to replace me was paid £4000 more and only worked part time. My salary was one of the lowest within the company, even the two receptionists who were part time, got more than me. The bottom line is I believe I was forced out of the company, but I left in May 2008. Can I do anything about it now?
  9. Can a council (Wandsworth) pursue a PCN that is almost 3 years old (January 2008). I had previously done a statutory declaration and it was successful. But now they are pursuing it again, are they allowed to do this after so long?
  10. About 10 years ago, we found some discrepancies in our mortgage statement (from Lloyds TSB) and instructed a firm of solicitors in London to prepare a case. Unfortunately, due to the incompetence and the incorrect advice of the solicitors, we lost the case and almost lost our home. As a result, we were deeply in debt, as we had to pay astronomical amount of legal fees of both sides and our mortgage had almost doubled. The case ended in 2004 and we did not hear anything from our solicitors until last year. We were out of the country due to a family tragedy, after our return we found a few letters from the solicitors, demanding over £2000. The last letter stated, that we owed them over £10,000 (this included interest of the last 6 years) and that they were taking us to court. We immediately contacted them, but they said it was too late and the matter is now to be sorted out in the courts. Initially, the case was dismissed, then they applied again and obtained a charging order. The final charging order court date is on the 5th of January 2011. The solicitors have stated that after they obtain this they will apply for an order of possession and finally sell the house. The house is in my mothers name, she is disabled and does not speak very much english. We do mot believe we owe anything to these solicitors and if we did, why had they not pursued it for over 5 years. Is there any advice that anyone can give me?
  11. Sorry everyone, I haven't been able to login for the last couple of days, so I wasn't able to see all the great advice given. Just to let you know, tomtubby, I didn't apply for the costs, and I guess it is too late to do that now. With regards to the completed N1 form, where do I get that from and can I just fill it in myself?
  12. A few weeks a go, bailiffs clamped my car and turned up on my doorstep at 7am in the morning for a old parking fine. I ended up paying £692 to get it unclamped. I have since filed a N244 application and it was successful. I have written the council involved adn they only sent me a cheque for £155. I wrote to them and asked for a remainder of the rest and they have not replied. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get back the rest of my money?
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