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  1. Thanks for the helpful link. It seems that it's now not a good idea to ignore all the letters as they have the right to go after the registered keeper if he fails to identify the driver.
  2. I last had dealings with Parking Charge Notices three or four years ago when I received a demand for money as the registered owne of the vehicle although I had nothing to do with the infringement. At that time there was no legal obligation to inform the parking company as to who the driver was and they had no legal basis to make me pay up. Can some one advise me as to how the law now stands as exactly the same is about to happen. I lent my car to somebody who received a parking charge notice from a Sainsbury's car park for over staying even though it's a free car park. They have now di
  3. Thanks for your comments, A127. However I believe that I do understand the [problem] completely and in my previous threads from way back, I explained that I was unemployed (which unfortunately is still true today) and had all the time in the world to play cat and mouse with them. I did reply to Roxburghe's initial letter, which I know full well goes against forum advice but even so I felt cheated that I never received my second letter from graham Smith (or Sobell). I was caught a little off guard when they rang me this afternoon as I like to be prepared and have all the facts at my fingertip
  4. My vehicle received a parking ticket back in February this year and I was not the driver, which fortunately I have concrete proof. Having read this forum and others I knew I would be getting the two letters from Roxburghe and two letters from Graham Smith Solicitors. I received the two from Roxburghe but was slightly dissappointed to only get one letter from Graham Smith Solicitors. I thought that it might be as result of me ending my last letter thus:- "Please be aware I shall deem any further correspondence to be harassment. I will report not only you and your company, but also your client A
  5. Correct., however theft of car stolen on 2nd policy is now increasing the cost of my first policy by approximately 30%
  6. I am the registered owner of two cars and have separate policies for each vehicle. When I first bought the second car (mainly for my son to use, but also as a back up vehicle for me), I had full No Claims Bonus on my first vehicle and was told by every Insurance company that I enquired with, that I would have to start from scratch again with this second policy as they were completely separate entities and basically had no effect on each other. That was four years ago and I since have built up 4 years NCB. That is until the start of the year when the second car was stolen, recovered two weeks
  7. Mr Jotto, I am now working on letters (re:- Harassment) to send to the various governing bodies and wondered whether you had a record of the date when you actually received your first letter from Roxburghe and the date on that first letter from Roxburghe? I received my first letter on 26-04-09 and the letter was dated 16-04-09. NB NINE days to travel!!! You will note in the letter they are asking for payment within 'SEVEN DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS LETTER OTHERWISE....' I feel they are deliberately delaying the posting of these letters in order to intimidate.
  8. Hello Mr Jotto, I am exactly at the same stage as you. I have received my two letters from Roxburghe and today my first letter from Graham White. I shall be ignoring this letter as I believe I can expect a second shortly. However, I would appreciate the forum's views on the idea of carrying out my warning that I included in my last letter to Roxburghe, which was - 'Please be aware I shall deem any further correspondence to be harassment. I will report not only you and your company, but also your client APCOA Parking Services (UK) Ltd to Trading Standards Institute, The Office of Fair
  9. A Brief History:- A car, of which I am the registered keeper, received a parking ticket from APCOA Parking Services (UK) Ltd. I believe this to be a private company. I was not the driver at the time of the incident. As advised on the forum I put the ticket in a drawer. The first communication that I received was a letter from a debt collecting agency for the ‘Unpaid Civil Penalty Notice’. Although advised to stuff the letter in a drawer, I couldn’t resist to have some fun and give them the standard reply that I am not responsible for the driver’s actions and that I am not liable to infor
  10. In very basic terms, can someone tell me the legal differences between a Penalty Charge Notice and a Civil Penalty Notice? As far as I understand a PCN is issued by either a council or Police and one would be legally obliged to inform them as to who the driver of the vehicle was. Whilst a CPN is issued by a private parking company, who have no legal right to force you to disclose the name of the driver. And I gather they sometimes will call these Parking Charge Notices in order to confuse and fool us into thinking they are 'official' PCNs. Are there any other major legal differ
  11. This dates back a couple of months, when my car ( I was not the driver and can prove it) received a parking ticket from APCOA parking services, whilst parked overnight in a train station car park. (NB - no byelaws on reverse of ticket and no byelaws on notices in car park). as advised by another forum, I willingly stuffed the ticket in a drawer. I have just received a letter from debt collectors (acting on behalf of APCOA) claiming this is an unpaid Civil Penalty Notice. Am I right in thinking that this does not hold the same legal weight as a PCN They also claim that - quote "Even if y
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