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  1. Just checked with experian and there's nothing on my report. I use credit expert and they text and email me if someone tries to do anything with my account. I'll keep an eye on it just in case.
  2. It's in a very safe place alongside all the other letters I've received and sent. Trading Standards also have copies of my letters and HFO's letters. TS also sent a letter to HFO so they were hit from all angles. Hopefully everyone else who is receiving HFO letters will take some comfort in knowing that the little person can win.
  3. I've had no alerts from credit expert and everything is fine with my rating. I'm just happy that it's over and I no longer need to deal with them. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Guys Quick update on my problem with HFO. HFO have confirmed that my 'account' IS statute barred and that no further action will be taken and my 'account' will be flagged with a statute barred status and parked. No further correspondence will be sent to me regarding this account. Looks like my persistence, 6 letters, the help from you guys and the FOS letter finally hit the nail on the head. I'm going to keep the letter in a safe place just in case. You never know what may happen in the future. Thanks for all your help and good luck to anyone else who takes on HFO
  5. I always send letters to HFO recorded and I never sign the letters. I know they have a sneaky way of cut and pasting signatures on to CCA's. My signature is very difficult to sign anyway so if they do I'll know. Thanks guys
  6. Hey Coledog Thanks The time ran out on July 13th which was 12 days plus two for posting etc as per the advice on here. It's the 15th now so I gave them a couple of extra days. I'll get the letter sent today. Thanks
  7. Ok, so no reply from HFO Services and now I should send the Account in Dispute letter. Where can I find this letter? I've been looking but I can'tseem to find it. Thanks guys
  8. What will happen then? What do I need to do? Trading Standards have written a letter on my behalf too.
  9. Thanks for the info. So they have until the 13th July to respond then.
  10. Hey everyone I've received a letter back from Michelle Kuhler dated 6th July. Firstly, my name is wrong on the Dear Miss .........not even close to it. Secondly, she has sent me copies of all my letters to show they have received them and she has CC'd the FOS. My account number is wrong, they have put my complaint case number as my account number. She is apologising profusely for the letter that I received and said that is was an administration error. My account is on hold from any collections activity until they receive the documents from their clients. I've reque
  11. My letter to the OFT has been sent to James Waldron. I also sent Michelle Kuhler a letter yesterday, recorded, with her letter and the recent one sent too. I'm getting tired of it all now and just want them to stop. I get funny phone calls from an 'international' number that no one speaks when I answer. I don't have the number because it just shows up international. I know they have a call centre in India but who knows hey. Hopefully my complaint will be taken seriously.
  12. Hey DB Did you look at the Turnbull Rutherford link too?
  13. http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/consumer-credit/enforcement-activity/CEA-MTR.pdf You can check it out on this site
  14. Letter to James Waldron sent today with a copy of every letter they have sent and my replies. I also sent a copy of the FOS letter too. I found a piece of information online within the OFT website. I'll send it to DonkeyB to post up. No idea what it means. It states on May 20th Roxburghe UK Ltd (licence 533468), HFO Services Ltd (licence 555914) and HFO Capital Ltd (Licence 614989) the code MTR and action of MTRevoke on the current licence. http://www.turnbullrutherford.co/cclicences.html I've looked on this website too. What does it mean?
  15. I'm writing to the OFT. I going to send them copies of all the letters I've sent including my request for a copy of the original CCA. I'm also sending them copies of all the letters HFO have sent me. Is there anything else I need to send them?
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