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  1. Right dont know if its going to get me anywhere, but I learnt to operate franking machines the royal mail demands certain rules, eg, dated correctly. So because moorcrap have been so rude and horrible to me, I decided to make a complaint to royal mail about them taped blaming the error of posting on them, even though franked 23/4. I wondered how many others get letters dated with threats of ring by 23/4 for eg when only sent on that day and when queried how many people are told its a royal mail error. Probably loads, so thought the royal mail might as their local office was be intereste
  2. Well no reply to email, but maybe get a letter by snail post, so we'll see x
  3. Ignore above. Ive just realised they are all at it, when I think of how stressed Ive been x
  4. Will do fuzzy:D I even added sarcastic kisses to the email I sent, so awaiting reply;)
  5. I'm a newbie and learning a lot. I notice from my own experience of panic stations and then realising hey this company is the same, duh and wondered if there are many doing the same as in: Abbey sending threatening letters from company they say are not abbey being Debt management and recovery services. They were real sh**s at telling me how angry abbey was and that I should pay them quick or else, to realise even the same hang on music was the same as abbeys, looked at letter botom to see abbey in tiny red words and then told by rather confused operative that they were one and the
  6. It was a mobile phone linked to another account and they being 02 deliberately sent me in circles to stop me returning the new one, as a result I stopped paying both accounts in despair. Any how maybe I need to calm down if this company are idiots I am worrying too much, as no court would appreciate a company acting this way. Ive sent them a to the point email I will type up later telling them to politely bogof and return to 02 and also I know what their up to know, so awaiting a response. They dont reply to letters so lets see about emails.
  7. I am newbie myself. But do know the dca abbey use is debt managment and recovery services, which if you look at small small print on bottom of letter is part of abbey. They post the letters from milton keynes and get you to reply to pobox supposed sheffield. So bear in mind its probably abbey acting as not abbey, but they told me they were same company x
  8. I also learnt on another thread that when it gets to actual court docs, I can request for free all relevant docs to do with case? Thanks for advice by the way.
  9. The request I made was less formal. Stating as I have a condition and it affects my memory could they please send me a copy of the agreement so I could understand the charges, as I have had no reply to my original complaint. So although a cca doesnt count they should have still replied? I was trying to argue the 14 day return thingy.
  10. The company is O2. I have a mental health condition and signed the agreement when not stable. I already had a phone and within a couple of days I rang to say how do I return it. Head office said go to store, store said no ring head office, this went on for about a week and I sent in letter stating I wanted to return it. When I next called I was told outside the 14 days and take it up with the store as to why they would no take it like they should. The store told me they were in the business of selling phones and returns were done with head office and thats as far as it went. I to
  11. Today was a good day. Previously theyve had me in tears. Just the frustration of realising I cant get them to listen. Must admit been browsing this site for some time, so probably where my fight back has come from. Ps I have taped their calls for possible court. Is there anything that can be done to report them for sending false threats? This relates to mobile phone account, is there a relevant bogof letter as they havnt replied to complaint or sent agreement.
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