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  1. spw yes i told them everything what it was for, and how i was sold a service from them which they have not done so it is fraud
  2. hi spw78 i have had the money back off the credit cards that i paid cmuk i rang the credit card and told them it was fraud they said they would get the the fraud team in to have a look and if it was they would wipe the money off and they did. so good luck to everbody hope you all get a result
  3. hi i have just spoken to c/m today they have said that someone has being use there name to get custmers this is fraud anybody who payed by credit cards and it has come out as phone line swansea this is not c/m i have just got all the money back off the credit card company so anybody who this as happend to ring your credit card and tell them you should get all your money back
  4. seff63 i am in the same mess i rang my credit card to report this as fraud so they are investgating it if it is fraud they said the 275 pounds will get cleared off my balence still waiting for them to get back to me. are claimmanagmentuk still selling this to people?i have also told T/S about this still wating for a reply off them
  5. fraud is that what you call it?take everybody money and run it makes me sick how people get away with it they should be caught and made to pay all the money back
  6. just tryed to phone T&L all i got was a mesage so i tryed claimsmanagmentuk.co.uk they never picked up the phone it just went dead after so many rings whats going on?
  7. try this number 0845 026 4774 good luck
  8. try this number for TL 0845 026 4774 hope this can help good luck
  9. the claimmangmentuk.co.uk said that they have not failed in any claim and were 99.9percent sucsess rate and they have never been in court and if they failed i would get all my money back all i got was black listed and still in debt i just want them to sort it all out. no documentaion
  10. no i have had trading standards on the phone they are investgating it what a mess gess i wont be able to buy a house now i am black listed for 6 years
  11. i am in the same mess you are in dont know what t&l are playing at and yes your parants house will be black listed
  12. i am santander have black listed me while the debt is in dispute 6 years on that is a long time. in the end i payed all the creditors the money i owed them
  13. i just recived i letter from santander saying they cant remove my name it will be black listed for six years and that i could send a notice of correction explaning why they were late payments what a mess i have payed to get my self black listed i am very angry at this because its not just the name its my address as well dose anybody know what to do?
  14. claims managementuk.co.uk rang me and said to pay the money on my credit card and it will be wiped off so it would cost me nothing and the debt would be cleared in 28 days but they passed this on to tate and lloyd which advised me to canceld my direct debit so i did and 4 months on and they still have not cleared my debt and now i am black listed this has gone on for to long now all i have got from tate lloyd is my name black listed and caroline2009 explain that and the mighty tate lloyd things cant get any worse for me
  15. no i have not payed the creditors for three months and i got a letter from there solicitors so in the end i gave in and payed them but now i am black listed because of what the tate and lloyd have advised me to do
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