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  1. I am sorry that I cannot advise on this but will just let you know that I myself received a letter from Hillesden in May 2009 saying they could not provide the CCA and now nearly 2yrs later they have gone on to successfully arrest my wages, I hope you get this sorted with them, I would hate to see someone else beaten by them. Vicki
  2. Hi Ida sorry have taken so long to get back but I work away and have been trying to get all together. Yes there was a decree granted against me in Dundee Sheriff Court, have been there again today trying to get a copy, which they will not give me. I think my next course of action is to get my hands on 'minute for recall' form and take from there, would be grateful if you can advise if this be my next step. Thank you again, Vicki
  3. Hi Ida thank you for replying. Seeing as the decree was granted supposedly in 2007 is there any way I can contest it? Who would the payment arrangement have been with - would it have come from the court? I have read this wage arrestment letter at least 20 times today and it seems harsh. I am on my own with a little kid, rent a house, work 65miles away from home, have to pay childminders etc but none of this getting taken into account, they are going to be taking £206.15 PLUS 23% of net earnings every month, which in total will be approx £510.00 a month, I cannot afford that at all,
  4. Well it seems this company can do whatever they like, they have gone ahead and arrested my wages Thanks for all the help and advice given on here.
  5. Hi Ida thank you for the reply. Yes I am still employed, I do not ever recall getting any papers delivered to me from the court, would have remembered if had (am a prison officer) deal with papers like that on a daily basis, not my own though lol. How can they get away with this though Ida - they could not provide me with the information I requested, Hillesden closed the account, so why can Nolans take this further if they are only 'acting on behalf of their clients - Hillesden's' the whole situation has me puzzled and worried
  6. Hi again all HELP NEEDED Re the above - I received a letter back in May 2009 from Hillesden to say that they could not produce the required documentation so case was closed............... Today 21st Jan 2011 I have received a sheriff officers letter saying that "On the 21st day of April 2007 a decree against you was granted in the Sheriff Court in Dundee for payment of a sum of money in the above action. The Decree was extracted on the 5th day of September 2007 I, Alan Moulds , Dundee Sheriff Officer, by virtue of the extract decree in Her Majesty's name and authority of the s
  7. Hiya, Nolans claim to be a solicitors working on behalf of Hillesdens, what they are exactly I do not know, I thought they had bought the debt but this does not appear to be the case. I sent the CCA request to Hillesden, thought that was all I had to do but now Nolans have reared their ugly heads again I am not so sure, the whole situation is puzzling me. Vicki
  8. Blondmusic thank you so much for the help, I will write up the letter and post it recorded tomorrow. Will let you know if & when I next hear from either of them. Thanks again, Vicki
  9. Ok reading through the forum I see I should now send an 'account in dispute' letter which sounds good to me but am unsure of who I have to send it too - Hillesden or Nolans? Thanks, Vicki
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