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  1. The difference for you buddy is that the only case against you was the camera photos, though they have supposedly lost the video footage of my alleged offence there is still the officer statement son sadly it seems they still think there is a case to answer to. Good on you for getting it dropped though The whole video before the court choice thing I had out with CPU a few times as it seems wrong to present you with 3 possible punishments and make you choose without being shown the evidence against you, "it could effect the outcome of the case" is the only reason they gave me for not want
  2. If I didn't accelerate buddy I wouldn't get anywhere, there were 3 or 4 cars and a sweeper in front of me, cars pulled away as soon as the light went green, sweeper started to pull away then slowerpd again before the lights and dropped his sweeping gear so i indicated right, checked mirrors, lane was clear so pulled out to the right lane and continued to accelerate, lights went to amber as I was 10 foot or so away from them, split second decision, Know the cross roads are effectively closed and can see there's no adjoining traffic, I'm laden and on throttle not coasting or slowing so cha
  3. Hi, please bear with me on this one its quite long winded but well worth a read and if you can offer assistance please do. First off im 29, been driving 12 years, 11 of those in Class 1 and 2 HGV with Pass Plus, Advanced Driving, ADR and various other driving courses thanks to 7 years in the armed forces, being a HGV driver i do class myself as a professional driver and drive with care and consideration, i am no longer serving in the Armed Forces. Right then, back in January now i was stopped for apparently driving through a Red Light. Unmarked car, one officer, camera on and record
  4. Im not sure if this is the right area for this post but its after advice from a similat thread in this area that i am posting. if this is in the wrong area please move and accept my apologies. after a few weeks of pestering i finally have a copy of my CCA from black horse in relation to my cat finance agreement with them, the agreement was taken out in 2006 so fits into the is it enforcable/unenforcable bracket. I have tried to skan in a copy of the agreement but my scanner does not seem to want to 'talk' to my PC. if anyone would be so kind to tell me the knd of things i should be
  5. thanks to much for the speedy replies foolishgirl and cds, much appreciated! where would you both reccoment putting a copy of the CCA when i get it? which section? for forum is so big i feel i need a satnav to find my way around
  6. Sorry to ask a question that has no doubt been asked a few hundred times before but ive tired trading through all 15,000+ posts and my head is going to explode ha ha in short how do i know if once recieved my CCA is enforcable or unenforcable? i fulfill everything else on ammount still owing and time it was taken out, i will be writing to black horse tomorrow to ask for the credit agreement but if they do reply with a copy of it what do i need to be looking out for that would make it un0enforcable and what do i need to do after its been identified as unenforcable? many many thanks
  7. i too would like to know the same as Blue Gzz in regards to a HP agreement with Black Horse.. reason being ive just had one of the really annoying "pay us £££'s and we'll never do anything for you" companys.. i want to gve this a try by myself after having plenty success with claiming bank charges.. ready for a new challenge
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