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  1. I lodged a complaint with all the above,so i'll forward their lastest drivel onto them. Thanks again.
  2. That's an ignore then;),very funny have to put this in what you made smile today forum,it made me roar:lol: Thank's.lol
  3. Nothing back from BC since i sent the statute barred letter,but received a letter from Freds,threatening court action if the amount owing is not paid within 48 hour's. They are kindly offering a discount as a gesture of goodwill at this late stage:rolleyes:. What should my reply be to them.
  4. Result indeed:D well done. Don't it feel good when you beat them down,just shows what a mess the industry is, and shows MH for what they are.
  5. Good to share:),i have sent cap one a CCA request on the 12th of this month,i would'nt send the pound for a CCA request to BC as i don't trust them,i sent them the prove it letter. Lets see what they come back with.
  6. Subbing with interest.My OH is having the same battle.And now they are ringing him on his work number. The debt is SB'd.
  7. Thank you hacksaw,will amend as this is data only too. I checked to see if my letter has been delivered and it's been signed for. See what i get back from them.
  8. I'll check everything i have,it is a Classic card. Thanks for pointing out the 8%,i did'nt realise it would only be added at court action stage. I forgot to say i'm reading the link for the tutorial,i'm going to have a go the calculation.
  9. I'll take a look at your thread,i think it may well take court action to resolve this issue. BC seems to do alot of the above from what i read,i am expecting him to try the CCJ route,so i am prepared to fight back on pricipal. I realise there are no guarantee's i suppose it depends on what judge you get on the day. Do'es seem as if the court process is a bit of a lottery,i'll see what reply i get from AG,if any. Do i need to send them a letter before action,before i apply to the court? Thank you for your help (again)
  10. Yes i do,it's Bryan Carter in the debt collection forum,i don't know how to link it here. BC are attempting to collect on behalf of arrow global,it's arrow that placed the default on the credit file 2 years after the last payment on the account according to the statement they sent.My OH has disputed the debt from the outset.As he has never had an mobile contract with the provider they have stated.
  11. Hi hacksaw,i was never any good with numbers:confused: I have £274.60 in charges on a credit card. Thank you for your offer of help,i know to add 8% compound interest but i'm unsure of the interest charged that the OC would charge.
  12. A little update on our situation with the CSA.We handed everything over to NACSA. Within a week they got it all sorted out for us.The CSA stated my OH owed £6.552.34 in arrears,they stated the child had gone into further education untill 19. We have proved to them she went into fulltime work at 16 when she left school. They can only charge him one day's maintenance . The actual amount they now want is £13.74. Was it really worth the man hour's to get this "child" out of poverty. As i said before he paid all monies due to the PWC,and continued to give his child money for an
  13. hacksaw,thank you for posting this link,just what i have been looking for. I am trying to get a default removed that a DCA placed 2 years after an account was defaulted,no default was sent because the debt is'nt ours,as it turns out the debt is statute barred anyway.
  14. They obviously think people are stupid,even though the date's on the statement BC sent my OH means it's statute barred,but he still ask's him to contact with a payment plan:rolleyes:.
  15. I have written to expirien,arrow global and BC,clearly outlining the debt is not his and it's SB'd anyway. The statement BC sent had an address OH lodged at when working away,he never ever used that address for anything else. I have demanded that AG remove the default in the letter i sent them. I expect a knockback but i won't let this drop,i will sue for damages. I have sent complaints to just about everyone i can think of,it was the DCA that placed the default on his file,the OC have marked it satified,2005 Was obviously when the debt was sold on to arrow. These people clearly
  16. I thought as much,i have been busy letter writing and complaining;)
  17. I want to claim the charges back on a cap one card,how do i calculate the interest,i'm afraid it confuses me:oops: I have a letter ready to go,just need to put the amounts in.
  18. Thank you,it's easier than trying to prove that the debt does'nt belong to him. What course of action should we take to get the default removed from his file. As it was filed nearly 2 years after the last payment on the statement they sent. Surely arrow can't get away with this. Would it be the information commissioner or should i just add it to my OFT complaint.
  19. Received a letter back from carter's today,enclosed an orange statement, nothing relating to my OH but his name at top and an very old address he used to lodge at when working away from home.There were many workmen staying there and we have checked what provider he was with around that time and it was 02. So now we have got this far.It looks like someone has opened an account in his name,and interestingly the last payment made on the account was in march 2003. There was a credit applied to the account for £8.86 in june 2003. There is no contract enclosed and no signiture present.
  20. bsj

    Lloyds credit card

    I'll reclaim them on your advice,i suppose i should'nt let them get away with the charges.
  21. bsj

    Lloyds credit card

    Yes i probably am,the call did come from local branch,there are 2x £12.00,one was because he was 2pence short of the minimum payment:eek:. So if i claimed them back on his behalf it would'nt make much difference. They turned him down for a personal loan last year,we did'nt understand why,so we checked his credit file and found a default,that won't fall off untill this time next year. With that in mind it seem's even more odd they would offer this "deal". Hence my suspicion.
  22. bsj

    Lloyds credit card

    The PPI would take a good amount off,the card is £6.000,so with the PPI deducted it would be just over £4,000. They would expect him to take a loan of the card amount,the agreement is pre april 2007.I have the distinct feeling that's what is behind it,it would mean signing another agreement that would be post 2008,very crafty?. If he were to go ahead i would want the PPI deducted from the balance. So the loan amount would be smaller and more affordable.
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