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  1. If it were mine i would do the same,hopefully he'll take the advice offered and follow up with a complaint,i have told him to take a look here and maybe join. It would give him a better understanding on the way DCA's work.
  2. Congrats on getting your money back,this thread made me feel sick when i started to read it,i felt really gutted for you.But boy did it end on a high
  3. I spoke to him and followed up with the advice given here,he's decided not waste a stamp on them.I wonder how far they will go:D He has paid nothing off of this debt since defaulting,it's so old now there's no sign of any default on his file. He did receive a telogram the same day,i told him not to ring and checked them out first,another phishing exercise from a DCA. He knows whatever they are chasing is SB'd as he has had no credit for years after losing his home in the early 90's.He was'nt in the position to pay any secondry creditors due to having to pay the outstanding amoun
  4. Hi signaller, it's definatley statute barred it's 15 years plus old,it's from when his house was repossessed,so he can virtually date it to the day. I think it's surfaced because it's a large amount,he heard nothing for years, untill early last year,to be honest i'm surprised the DCA's were so slow with it as it's such a large amount,still it's their loss. He would never of been in the position to pay it back,he was paying the building society off for the outstanding mortgage for many years. Regards to you too and thank you.
  5. Thank you both,i'll pass on your good advice. Maybe we'll put your P**s off as a footnote Pinky:D
  6. A friend has received many letters from various debt collectors for the same debt,it's statute barred,every time the SB letter is sent,it go'es quiet for a while untill the next DCA gets hold of it. Now ruthbridge has sent a letter threatening to go to court to file for bankruptcy. This debt is at least 15 years old,i have advised him to send the SB letter again,and report them to the OFT. Is there anything other advice i can pass on to him,he's very worried despite my trying to convince him they cannot take this action against him. Just wanting to make sure i have given the corr
  7. Can anyone offer any advice on how to deal with this please,i really want to stop Carter getting a CCJ,the default drops off in a couple a months,all i have been sent tells me their is no agreement. Can freds collect if lowell are the owners of the debt?
  8. An update,freds have sent a photocopy of a short application form stating it's covered by the 1974 credit act.No sign of an agreement from lowell,cap one or freds. BC are threatening litigation,i have sent the account in dispute letter,what should i do next.
  9. bsj

    Barclaycard Arrgh

    Yes they dropped it to the outstanding balance,your correct i was told the late payments were a goodwill gesture. I was so angry yesterday,i was about to order a christmas present,i can't use my debit card as it's electron. I am going to continue to pay it as i don't want another default on my file,the last one i have drops off next summer and it will be clean,it just made me so incensened that they did it without any notification but as near to christmas as we are. I am going to claim back the PPI, though they will probably take it off the card,it was sold to me when i opened the
  10. I'm so angry,i just logged on to my account and they dropped my credit limit without notifying me. The reason they gave is i was late with three payments over the last year,all the late charges were refunded to me as the payments were made on the due date online. They have marked my credit with three late payments even though they reimbursed them to my account. I'm absolutley fuming,now i'm going to CCA them and claim back a mis-sold PPI. I have been told a letter is on it's way to me to explain their decision,angry does'nt even cut it,i'm not paying the greedy *%$%*& another penny
  11. Bit strong comparing this site to shop lifting,someone's needled:D
  12. Most stat demands sent out has to go to 1st Credit. And now for the best solicitor impression the top award of the evening goe's to.............Bryan Carter..........LOUD APPLAUSE:D
  13. I looked it up on the post office website,Thank you i'll pop in and have a word,the sorting office is not far from me.
  14. Thank you,i did'nt know that existed:)
  15. I did say it was odd,blew me away and i'm a novice:grin: BC have backed off on another account i'm fighting,it's statute barred,so far so good.
  16. Side splitting is'nt it:D. I sent freds the prove it letter,i sent the CCA request direct to cap one because i don't trust freds or BC for that matter. Account in dispute letter hot of the press The account will SB'd come july next year,my main concern is freds are threating court action and i'm about to move and don't want to volunteer my new address. If they go for a CCJ i won't know about it and can't fight back,i've not arranged to have my post redirected as i can't afford to at the moment. You can have all the fun you like with one postggi,fire away please.
  17. What do you make of this? There is five more pages of terms and conditions and they stipulate it's my agreement:???: cap one CCA.RTF
  18. I sent a CCA request to capitol one,they sent a reply in the form of a letter! They have put an account number at the top and name,i take it they don't have the agreement by their action.It is the strangest CCA i have ever seen. I'll scan it up for perusal,truly mind boggling. I receiveived the reply this morning,on the very day their time was up. They have also stated that the account is no longer with them but has been sold onto to lowell.Fredericksons are trying to collect and are threatening court action.
  19. The irony of that would be that they would sell the outstanding debts to DCA's so they would still make money.It would have some affect if done on mass,that is unlikely to happen with the apathy that affects the population of the UK. It would end up just me and you:D shall we;)
  20. I phoned T-Mobile before it was released they were the guilty party. I insisted on speaking to a manager,and she assured me it was nothing to do with them and our data was quite safe. She lied through her teeth and gave me the number for the telephone preference service. My whole family has contract's with TM,OH and daughter want to take it further,as they are the only two that have had cold calls from 3rd parties. How should they take this forward. We have put in a complaint to TM via phone and will follow it up in writing.
  21. My OH's contract is almost at an end,he got a cold call to offer him a "better contract",he questioned the company as to where they got his mobile number and was told "it's available from offcoms website". He's with T-Mobile and he was'nt happy,it seems the law do'es nothing to stop these companie's selling on data,it's a free for all re data sharing.
  22. He's now written just to state the account has been refered back to AG,and the account is on hold awaiting their instructions:rolleyes: It's becoming tedious. Why do the relevant bodies not do their job:(
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