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  1. :lol: Hopefully they have learnt their lesson and never have any credit card again
  2. Chick has flown the nest but their bank account is registered at my address,as the caller pointed out. I'm waiting for them to call on my landline they will be told to cluck off,it's ex directory and registered with telephone preference service,that i don't suspect will stop them.
  3. Subbing with interest,looks as if i maybe fighting a battle for one of my brood. They got a shockingly nasty call today out of the blue from this company. There are alot of us here dealing with these people.
  4. Thanks silly girl,did'nt think about calling the mobile provider,will get chick onto it pronto. I have told them to tell any threatening caller that the call is being recorded,......for security and protection of course (wink)
  5. I read your thread coledog, they did try the ID tactic but did'nt get anywhere, thing is they could of been talking to anyone chick revealed nothing but the caller rattled off the amount of debt,he even said that chicks credit file was in quite good order if he wanted it to remain that way chick has to pay up today......disgusting huh. Seems we have a band of brothers in the making. HFO keep this up and we'll have enough numbers to hire ally pally for a christmas do,all paid for with what they are not getting. Ok sending a SAR to citi,printed off complaints forms from Haressed seniors l
  6. Thank you for your replies, advice and direction. I'm reading through the other threads now,goodness me i'm shocked at the way these people behave. I actually think they are worse than B Carter and thats saying something. Donkeyb the call was'nt recorded unfortunaly,my chick was caught off guard at work. I have taught my brood well though,chick did'nt confirm any personal info.Told to put everything in writing to which HFO replied they have written on numerous occaisions,i will have more info later when i see the correspondance sent. Nothing has come to my address but letters have be
  7. One of my brood has just had a very nasty call from HFO,threatening court action, balliifs attatchment of earnings just about everything they could throw at them. They have managed to obtain their mobile number and even told them when the contract was taken out.The caller has obviously done a search on my chicks credit file from info given during the convo. I intend to start with the CCA request and reporting HFO for their aggressive tatics to the relevant bodies. I have had a read of other threads regarding this company,nasty pieces of work are'nt they. I'll post up the CCA if i rece
  8. I'll get it done right away,incidently when i spoke to the manager he reffered to the redirection as mine,i had to put him straight. I did get the feeling the right does'nt know what the lefts doing during the conversation. Thanks for the advice both you have been a great help.
  9. Mine seems to very unusual as they have directed on the basis of my first name and have ignored the surname completely. Albeit an unusal name, even so they have made a severe mistake.Since this came to light i hardly get any mail at all. I have requested that the redirection be removed,but my request can't be fulfilled as the person has paid for the service. Very worrying in this day and age when were all told to safeguard our personal data. I'm in the process of getting my details removed from 192.com.Not an easy accomplishment as iv'e discovered to my frustration. St
  10. Am i correct that it's 30 days after the last payment on the account that the countdown begins? No wonder people get confused with when the SB starts with posters like financial adviser offering the above advice,we would all be forever in the debt of the banks and DCA's........I only take the advice of long time posters and the site team,you can't be to careful.
  11. I can hardly beleive this was allowed to happen,as you said it's incompetence. The manager at my local sorting office has launched an investigation he also said he is going to try to retreive my post. I don't hold my breath. The ICO were not very helpful at all,they said to complain to royal mail direct. AS far as they were concerned there is no data breach.So you were right on that point. I know the hospital have sent three more letters to me and i have not received any of them.I must assume they have ended up in spain. I'm a little miffed that someone that has never resided at this
  12. Thank you for the quick response,i am listed on 192.com,my details are on there.(Penny just dropped as to where she accquired my number) I thought it maybe the ICO i had to complain to,the only evidence i have at the moment is the text message,i am going to contact the daughter to ask her to send my post on to me so i have the hospital letter as well.The more i have the better. Sods law that a letter from Mckenzie hall made it to me for an SBD.Just glad she did'nt get that one.
  13. I moved to my present property in dec 09.The previous tenant died and her daughter who lives in Spain used this address for her UK mail. I received a text message from the daughter today to inform me that royal mail have been redirecting my mail to her address in Spain. I have no idea how she got my mobile number,but this has resulted in me missing an important hospital appointment,she has admitted to opening my mail,in Jan 10 a redirection was set up for her mail it would seem all was well up to the end of july 10 when my regular postie went on holday. Just by coincidence we ha
  14. Thank you both,i can put my friend right. I did feel this info that was repeated to me was incorrect.
  15. I am a little confused about a debt with HFC it was for goods purchased at PC world. It has passed the 6 year rule,but is it classed as H.P,if so what the is the limitation period. I have been told by a friend it's a Hire purchase in this case it would be 12 years. Is my friend correct.
  16. I was very concerned at the time of my move because Bryan Carter was threatening to take me to court. I arranged with an old neighbour to collect my post so i would be in position to respond,strange thing after i moved he started to write to a very old address and i know the people that live there so i got the heads up from them. Even stranger he never did follow through with court action at any of my known address's,the debt is a statute barred debt he was trying to collect along with freds,could be why all letters have stopped from him,being SB'd does'nt usually stop him.
  17. According to 123 i live with two randem people and my ex-husband My present husband still lives with his ex-wife I have one child,type in my husbands name and he appears not to exist since we married:confused: Not one piece of the data is up to date.
  18. I moved home last December,i received my first letter 5 weeks later. I'm not on the electoral register,it seemed to coincide with me giving my bank my new address. Queried this,they got it from equifax,and no equifax don't have my address but since the goverment turned our data into a free-for-all. My bank account shows up on my credit file. So it matters not who you update your details with,these DCA's can get hold of them.
  19. Yes, unfortunatley it's a data free for all thanks to last goverment:rolleyes: I just don't have the funds to pay,i live on a breadline as it is,so even if they were succesful in getting a ccj they would'nt get very much.
  20. Exactly what i received,and 5 A4 pages that they said constitutes an credit agreement:rolleyes: It becomes statute barred in june but i'm still threatened with court action,non of it ruffles my feathers anymore. Incidently i moved house and they found me in 5 weeks.
  21. We have a spammer 4 posts same content.
  22. A friend of mine received a parking fine from MET yesterday,they sent photograpic evidence of her car entering our local Mcdonalds at 2.05pm (her lunch break went through the drive though she had to park up to wait for her order). They state the time she left the carpark was 10.22pm that night,she went through the drive through again,the car is registered to her,but they addressed the ticket to her dad,he never drives her car. What dispicable people,i have told her to ignore them as they have no case to issue a ticket. She is really worrying and wants to pay these people especially
  23. I have read the same info,so i would say your correct,i'm tempted to get him to send the harrassment letter:D. As i have said it's not my decision to follow it up with a complaint,i hope he will,it may just stop them dead in their tracks. All i can do is pass on the good advice from here,i have offered to see it through for him and send for their complaints procedure,somehow i doubt they will reply:rolleyes:
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