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  1. I can only think that they know my chick does'nt live with me and just maybe there is no paper work. It did have a name of contact but i removed it,as chick has been assigned this person to personally contact,i just want to be caustious as i know they read these forums.From what i gather from other threads they probably won't bother to reply to the CCA request. Iv'e forwarded the letter to trading standards.
  2. HFO 2nd.RTF Hope this works,fingers crossed
  3. I will certainly be on my guard for this tatic,i read coledogs thread about it this morning. All mail is coming to my address,they don't seem to like the fact i won't give a forwarding address for my chick......so they are upping their game,the letter this morning was very intimidating to anyone that does'nt this DCA and it's tatics. I'm still fuming that they got my details,at the moment it's driving me.
  4. Sorry coledog,yes to my chick. I'll gladly scan it up,give me mo to work it out.
  5. Letter this morning,i think i may of upset them a little not only are they threatening court action they are going to request a warrant of execution:!:.............iv'e sent them my request to be beheaded never did like the idea of the ducking stool........not for a motherhen:lol:.
  6. Do you know how to go about removing your home. I'm in the process of removing myself from 192.com,to say they make it as difficult as possible is an understatement. To date iv'e not received any correspondance of this nature personally,it's a low trick in my book. The more the consumer fights back the dirtier they play.
  7. Iv'e just been "interfering on your your thread:lol:. All sound advice coledog thankyou ,i'll send a complaint to HFO and ask for their complaints procedure. Iv'e complained to everyone else,it'll back my complaint to the ICO about them. I'm applying for a copy of my credit report to clarify if they searched it.My phone number would be there. Although i have not applied for a credit report at my current address i guess it would be updated when i changed my address with my bank as it shows on my report. I sent the SAR to citi not hfo,like you say there's no point dealing w
  8. I'm pretty certain they have searched my credit file for a debt that isn't mine,they knew too much when they called me yesterday. How nice of them to apoligise to you coledog,they have a heart afterall,you "Interfered"(helped) on my thread so i'm returning the compliment:lol: Now stop" interfering" and send that SAR off:lol:
  9. It dawned on me last night that these cretins must have carried out an illegal search on me to get my details. They tried telling me my chick gave them my details,i know that would'nt happenThe caller also stated he has a recording of the conversation with chick from monday.......how do we obtain that recording under data protection or Freedom of information?. I'm checking my credit report too,if they searched it it will show.
  10. Even the cockeral in the coop knows i'm a force to be reckoned with when i'm angry:lol:
  11. All in hand, iv'e posted off the harrassment letter from myself ,chicks went in the same envelope as the CCA request they have been warned not to ring..........everthing in writing
  12. Yes i can record them on my mobile........just caught me off guard........i'm ready for the next time.
  13. Sent off the letters to hfo and citi. Today i got a phonecall from HFO asking for my chick when i told the them they no longer live here,he told me i was lying ggrrrrrr. I was refered to by my first name and my number is ex- directory. They have obviously done a search on my address and contacted me,i'm not a happy mother hen. I got straight on the phone to relevant bodies to complain and about to send an e-mail to the oft to complain. I'm seriously angry over this i want to scream.
  14. Thanks donkey,they did threaten court action amongst other things,i thought the best one was an attatchment of earnings,idiots. I did read the thread PT put up on CPR last night. So i'll use this as they have threatened action.
  15. I absolutley agree.I often wonder if the people you refer are human at all. What really distresses me is the fact these people ARE responsible for debtors taking their lives when they see no other way out. They need riengning in hard and looking at the link it has begun,puppet master take note. Iv'e certainly had my eyes opened to the dreadful bully boy tatics these people use,they feed on fear and greed,not a nice traits in a person.All for money.
  16. BA no action has been started as yet so i'll use with the 77-78 CCA request. I'll start another thread for the statutory demand,so you can all glean it over,and advise how i should approach it,if at all.
  17. Thank you BA lost concentration for a bit,i copied the 77-78 CCA template,i'll use the one in post two. Thanks again,where would i be without you..........
  18. Iv'e got the letter ready for posting monday for the CCA to HFO and SAR to citi,the SAR is a £10 fee is it not. Some notes have been scribbled on some of the letters from HFO,so i know my chick has spoken to them in the past,that has been confirmed to me. I have checked all the dates and would become statute barred end of april 2011,so i think they are in a hurry to collect now,thats why they are ringing and putting the pressure on. Would you mind posting up that request for me,from what i'm learning it would seem there is definatley something dodgy going on. I will start a thread
  19. Very useful site loanbuster, thanks for the link. Donkey,no envelopes unfortunatley,at least i have statements and letters it's a start. What about the charges they have added to the original debt amount,they have almost doubled it grrr.
  20. Can i share that Taxi donkeyb........chick handed me a very heavy folder this morning after a little chat last night. Letters from HFO from 2006......they have been adding charges to the debt.the original amount was just over 1500.They added £200 straight away.One of the letters list's their charges,in all they have added £1200 to the original amount. I have alot of reading and work to do,other debts amount to a fair amount,there is a statutory demand in the file From 1st credit another thread coming on,my chick has been keeping this quiet and suffering in silence.I asked why they did'nt s
  21. Subbing with a vested interest.
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