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  1. No unforunatley,chick was told during a phone call that they had it in front of them. Sent the account in dispute letter,the phone calls have ceased for now. Citi have returned the payment for the SAR they are asking for ID as the address the have on file is different. They are asking for a bank statement or driving licence,can they lawfully request this info. No CCA has been recieved from HFO,not surprising as HFO stated they not going to comply with the request verbally.
  2. This any help,it's the only one i could find. consumer.helpservice@uk.experian.com
  3. I find this aspect very worring given the track record of the DWP and Expeirian for inaccurcies and lost data. Gross invasion of our civil liberties is at stake here,it seems to me the data protection act no longer protects us in any facet of our lives. The last time i requested a copy of my credit report even my bank account was on there and what was shown was inaccurate,iv'e never had an overdraft on the account,but it showed i owed money??? to say i was disgusted in an understatement. How can they state i owed money on an overdraft that never was,i did contact expeirian and had it cor
  4. I'll amend my copy as they not only had my chicks credit report,i strongly suspect they did a search on mine as they got my ex-directory number. Although i think they already know they have broken data protection,as they did'nt send my chick a copy of their report they said during the first phone call they had it in front of them and the credit rating was'nt to bad,beggars belief.
  5. I'm hoping jinjo will post soon,i have advised the 12+2 day's to send the account in dispute letter,i'm not sure when that is up.It must be soon i would think,from what i can gather from the other forum. We need more info from jinjo to be able to help further,i know he/she is very worried over this.
  6. I was helping jinjo out on another forum and advised her to come here,a CCA request was sent to the halifax,still awaiting a response. A statement has been recieved by jinjo and a letter form the halifax.No CCA as yet. Can you give a bit more detail jinjo as requested by Firstship,we'll be able to help further with more detail. The good people here have alot more experience and knowledge than i do.
  7. Looks like an excellent site to continue the fightback. lets hope they are inundated with cases. Hfo need to be brought to book. Thanks for the link loanbuster. Also subbing to the thread.
  8. It's from HFO,i have to post the dispute letter friday the 12+2 is up monday next week. I'm posting friday so it's lands on their desk monday morning postal service permitting of couse,sending it recorded. It's been a long fourteen day's. I spoke to chick briefly last night and they seem to have stopped ringing, for the moment anyway.
  9. Thanks for the headsup loanbuster,i should listen to gut instinct more often. I had'nt come across them before thats why i asked before i filed a complaint with them. Do they know the meaning of codes and standards.............i think not. Whitewash does'nt come close.
  10. Bump........Anyone used theCredit Services Association Ltd. As a means of complaint along with all the other bodies we complain to.
  11. Got a reply,a nice a4 sheet threatening 72 hour litigation proceedings if chick fails to ring them. I'm rolling around in hysterics:lol::lol:. Well they brightened up a dull cloudy day........No response to the CCA request..........naughty,naughty hfo....times almost up. Thought i would add this,HFO are a member of the credit services association Ltd. I downloaded the complaint forms to complain about HFO i also downloaded a copy of their code of practice in reply to the threating letter received today for my chick. Anyone else complained to the above. Checking the deta
  12. Subbing,another fan of HFO.........not. I do hope they reply.It will be interesting to see what they have to say,won't be holding my breath though.
  13. Coledog your an angel,iv'e been looking for this ^^^^ won't do any harm to send them this as a reminder of how they should behave. Thanks again for your help.
  14. Thanks coledog,the problem is i have given chick instructions and they are not adhered to,with them not living with me and being an adult i'm in a difficult situation. So far i have made all complaints on chicks behalf.I think me and chick need to have a little chat.All calls received are in the phone calls received log,I'll get her to go through the log with me so i can record them all on paper and send it all to the OFT.I'll contact trading standards today. On the upside HFO have stopped sending letters for the time being anyway. The agent for hfo said to chick,"you fancy your chances
  15. I did ask if the call was recorded,chick did'nt think.I have stipulated not to answer the calls. I did enclose the pound for the CCA,they certainly act outside of the law. This will be added to my ongoing complaint,i'm collating quite a pile.
  16. Chick had a response,a phone call from HFO,they told chick they are not replying to the CCA they are taking it to court. They were rude and aggressive,they are ringing 5 times or more a day,it's upped since i sent the harassment letter. I drummed into to chick not to answer but they are calling during working hours As they stated they will not respond to the CCA i'm sending the account in dispute,they really do think they are law unto themselves.
  17. They did the same to me, they are chasing a debt relating to someone that used to reside at my address but is related to me. They rang me on my landline and requested to speak to them about an urgent matter,i told them they no longer live here. The caller called me by my first name and preceded to tell me what it was about,just as well i knew all about the debt,my number is exdirectory and registered with the telephone preference service. The muppets don't give a fig about breaking data protection. I have reported them to all relevant bodies.
  18. s77-78,the more i read the more i think i should of CPR31.16. Still it's done now,lets see what they come back with if anything.
  19. I have been keeping the envelopes stapled to their letters..............guys and gals the franking number on the envelope is...............PB550239..........and the winner is...........HFO. Sorry coledog you already posted this,just looked at your attachment.
  20. I'm going to have a play around with this too,i won't be able to do anything over the weekend,but i'll get onto it monday. We have plenty of threads and info to be able to collate a standard complaint letter. I'm considering speaking to my MP on this,this cannot be allowed to continue,and the biggest question i want answered is do they have juridiction in the uk.
  21. Thanks ba,i have the nasty feeling i'm going to need you all on this one,by second letter do you mean account in dispute?
  22. That donkey is a brilliant idea. I have reported the letter and it's content. I'm just glad i found you good peoples here,i still worry about the ones that try to go it alone.poor peeps, they must suffer terribly when they get letters like these.
  23. I agree with you coledog.......it's letters like this that force people to pay up on debts that hfo know are statute barred too. I fond the letter very disturbing to tell the truth.It's letters of this nature that push some people to take their lives. The usual"may" is clearly deliberatly replaced with "will". I'm gradually going through the fat file chick handed to me,one letter from hfo has alot of writing on it relating to phone calls to chick in 2006.There is no mention of a payment amount. Chick cannot remember if any payment was made to them.I really do need this info but i don't
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