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  1. Just an update,sorry i have'nt posted any updates but did'nt have any news.sent HFO the account in dispute letter in Dec last year.To day i received the CCA it's basically pages of nonsense.It's a recontructed one.
  2. I reveived a letter from them this morning they purchased the debt from lowell. I saw this off when B Carter had it.No cca. It states Creditor: Statue Barred Debt-Capitol One. They are concerned this that this matter remains outstanding. I'm concerned that they they trying to collect a debt they state in letter is statute barred:-)(i am aware the debt still technically exists) I want to have a bit of fun with the idiots,idea's guy's
  3. Thanks Coledog,Nothing back as yet,HFO have stopped calling,no more love letters from them. No Agreement,no reply to the SAR from CITI as yet perhaps they can't make up their minds what to include in it. When i get it,i expect to be incomplete as i have the original default notice from them and it's laughable let alone dodgy. I sent the harassment letter and the account in dispute to HFO and all went quiet.
  4. Our car insurance is due for renewall,so we searched around for a cheaper as this year it's gone up £150.00:!:. We found a cheaper quote which we accepted,paid the deposit and opted for DD payments over 11 months. A third party company sent us a credit agreement to sign,they pay the full cost of the policy to the insurance company,effectivly it's a loan. Admin fees added and an APR at 11% variable. Fee's to be charged at £12 for a missed payment. The same scenario happened with our public liability insurance,a credit agreement sent from a third party. Not only i not
  5. I'll go take a look,thanks donkey. I would rather be doing something,they had a really bad affect on my chick. And as you say it will put chick in a better light come litigation,if and when that happens.
  6. I'll mull this over,i would like to see who the dept was assigned to,Capitol or services could be interesting.
  7. Thanks CD,i just get the occaisional letter with the usual threats. I'll do a SAR to the OC,as you say be prepared.
  8. Good idea donkey,anything is better than beig a sitting duck (or chicken). Yes i have sent the account in the dispute letter. They say the best form of defence is attack.
  9. I;m not good at playing the waiting game,but i'm prepared for their next move:wink:
  10. I have 1st credit chasing a small debt,i paid a couple of payments in the summer of 07 before finding cag. The default is due to drop off my credit file in january 2011. The debt is for HFC from 2004. How do i stand regarding the default issue.I understand they cant file another default once the six years are up. Can they take any court action once a default drops off your file. I realise by making those payments in 07 i have admitted the debt,and in doing so reset the clock. What is the best way to deal with this,should i send a CCA request. I have just received a staement from
  11. To keep the thread updated,i have resent the SAR request. Nothing back as yet concerning the CCA request,no reply to the account in dispute letter. Phonecalls have ceased,all has gone very quiet..............sly foxy planning their next move?
  12. How low can muck hall go................chasing a dead woman for £152. Even after they have been advised she's passed on,they persue it.............. Good luck with them OP,iv'e sent them running with their tail between their legs twice now.
  13. Subbing as a hfo fan club member.
  14. I wished i'd of paid more attention in my history lesson,that is quite interesting. Now you got me interested in finding out more:-)
  15. My husband was called into the managers office on tuesday and given his letter of redundency,he works in constuction. Yesterday i came across this.............are we being lied to? To prove this, straight from the horse’s mouth, page 17 of the full Treasury report (para 1.15) states: Even after these spending cuts, total public spending (Total Managed Expenditure) in 2014-15 will be higher in real terms than in 2008-09. At 41 per cent of GDP, this will be around the same level of public spending as in 2006-07. Spending on public services in 2014-15 will be higher than 2006-07 l
  16. Your quite right,crazy eh,who came up with these laws............the mind boggles.
  17. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament, this has to be my number one. Shame that. We also break the law every christmas day as it's illegal to eat a mince pie on this day. This dates back to cromwell and still is law today.
  18. They do know who lives at your address,it's just more threats to get us to conform.They don't cross reference council tax data witht the electoral roll. Moaning relieves stress...........If your a grumpy old man at 37............i must be an old bat at just over a half century:lol:. I used the cold calling law on a guy that called the other day from EON. Iv'e put a sign up in my window with a picture of my german shepherd......No cold callers welcome......i can make the gate in 2 seconds........can you?
  19. It may well be him, if it is he's not threatening court action whitch is the usual tactic ,Maybe i'll nip to ann summers and send him handcuffs and a whip and tie a copy of the statute barred letter to them. Sometimes i wish my imagination were'nt so vivid..............yuk
  20. Councils hold two versions of the electoral register,a full one and an edited one. Since an amedment in the law in 2002 you can ask for your address not be shown. Anyone can buy the edited version and use it for any purpose. If my memory serves me correctly it purpose to begin with was for jury selection,if you were not on it it could be seen as avoidance. I don't know of a case where anyone has been prosecuted for non compliance............but with push for everyone to be on it who knows what will come in the future. Of course now it can used to check your address when you a
  21. Whats the going for a kindey these days BB,i know my gold teeth will fetch a tidy sum lol. I have'nt checked my credit file,must do that,the original default dropped off in september this year. I could do with £1000 right now.
  22. Thanks BA,i'll send a bank statement when i re-send the request.
  23. I recieved a letter from red for a statute barred debt. The last i heard of this was from Brian Carter and fredericksons. Saw him off after he threatened court action. No default notice or CCA, from cap one. Looks like it's been sold on even though it's been put into dispute. Someone at red is not going to get their commision this month:violin:
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