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  1. I was awoken at 5.30 this morning by my beautiful german shepherd having a seizure,this one of the worst he's had so far,as he came out i went to wipe his mouth (excess saliva) and he bit me,my left hand is now rendered useless. What a start to the week........and yes i did swear,i have to have it stiched up.
  2. We did this in may of this year,we had to buy a new liner as they are not easy to join with out leaks. The smaller pond was'nt to heavily stocked,we kept the fish in a large plastic tub while we carried out the work and they were fine. The existing pond was about 6 x 4ft ,the new bigger one is now 14x 12,we wanted it bigger so we could keep larger Koi's,and add a waterfall. It was worth the hard work,the end result is stunning,the fish have bred for the first time and we certainly have more fauna and flora in the garden because of it. I would say go for it,we're pleased we did
  3. My husband received a PCN from Parking Eye on saturday morning £90.00 for his overstay in a B&Q car park.He had actually made a purchase at the store,he was seething. Result the invoice has been shredded for hamster bedding after he googled it and found it to be a [problem]. At least now we know what to expect in next few weeks/months. This maybe a naieve question but why are they allowed to operate and gain our information from the DVLA?.
  4. Will get onto it right away,i have already complained to the relevant bodies twice now. Gladly add to the list,they really have been their own worst enemy.
  5. These people are a particularly nasty bunch,i had the misfortune of speaking to them after they did a search on me and rang me on my ex-directory number. They did'nt call back after my hubby rang them and told them where to go . The thing i can't get my head around is they have had this alleged debt since 2006,plenty of time to take court action if they so wished. The mind boggles just to how this company still has a credit licence.The tactics they use are beyond the realms of my comprehension and i must admit to feeling intimidated by them at first,that soon resolved once i found me
  6. I have a very relieved chick.I could'nt of done this without the HFO fan club. Chick took me to dinner to say thank you so i raised a very nice glass of rose to you all in way of thanks for the help and advice along the way. It was hard slog getting the SAR but our persistance paid off.
  7. I agree with every word.......i honestly think the people that do this job must undergo a labotomy. I do sometimes wonder where this country is heading with all the draconian laws that in place now. I have already made my mind up that i shall be ignoring their knock at the door if they return,let alone giving them 5 seconds of my time.
  8. Lol,i like that idea.....bucketts at the ready for his return......i'm certain he'll be back.
  9. Wow they actually replied,i bet that felt soooooo good for the member........that letter is the first i seen here,must be rare as hens teeth (sorry)
  10. Yes BA it do'es,what i find interesting is HFO has had this account since 2006,they started to chase it 2009 they had plenty of time to take court action and did'nt. So now i will be sending the statute barred letter. Thank you ba for the link,this i'm going to enjoy:-)
  11. I know i'm was pretty angry at myself for allowing it to go that far,the intimidation worked at first,then i started to get angry and i thought what are you doing allowing this,within a few minutes i got very assertive and closed the door,it was my first time so don't be hard on me LOL:-)
  12. They have enclosed copies of correspondence from chick,the last being the request itself. It states they have not provided copies of the terms and conditions as they are not within the definition of personal data for the purpose of the data protection act. What doe's that mean?? The letter actually states they cannot locate the application form under the account number given. do i take that to mean they have no CCA?? If thats the case HFO have sent one with terms and conditions Fraudulently?? A number of statements are enclosed,but no default notice although they do say th
  13. We had a visit yesterday from a very untidy looking resolution officer,prior to him knocking yesterday we had a letter to say they would call,no appointment agreed. I would'nt give any info dispite him trying to grill me like the stasi,i told him i'm not discussing anything with you and closed the door,he stood at my front door for a few minutes writing stuff down on his clipboard,which he showed me when i answered, so i now know all about the debter. He was calling on behalf of Lloyds
  14. Just to update,we've received the sar. I'll be going through it this evening once i pick it up from chick. Sorry guys i've been so busy i forgot to post up the CCA. I'll get it done later and report back anything of interest in the sar.
  15. Thanks Alan.... I'm actually releived to read this in a perverse sense......i thought it was me doing something wrong. Now i know it's not me,i'll wait and see how things pan out with the forth request if they are not forthcoming i will report to the ICO. My first thought was that they don't have the documentation so can't comply........ I'll be posting the CCA in a bit, got it on the PC......now to get it here...........
  16. Preparing another account in dispute letter to send in the morning,i have been reading as many of the threads as i can. I noticed one of the posts i read that citi are not good at keeping paperwork. I have downloaded the reports on their licence renewel being minded to revoke by the OFT. Even with that hanging over them they still behave in an attrocious manner and carry on with their threats outside of the guidlines laid down. I hav'ent been to well for a while and am finding this hard slog now. I will upload the CCA as soon as i get a spare minute to work out how to
  17. It's Citicard. Should i re-send the account in dispute letter,i am updating my complaint to the OFT . The letter also states chick would find it difficult to make a defense as a payment was made on the account although they don't state when. That's why i badly need the sar,i hope Citi play ball this time,it's getting me down now.
  18. I put the account in dispute long ago,it was after i put into dispute they sent what they deem a true copy of the CCA,i'll try to scan it up,my PC skills are very poor though,there are 19 pages all told do i have to scan them all ?. We had to yet again re-send the SAR,still waiting on it's return,citi insisted a bank statement be sent as ID.I'm beginning to think citi don't want to comply with the request as they stall every time, 3 times now. The thing is my chick is now in a private rent,the tenancy is not in their name,so we think they found them via the credit check when applyi
  19. The're back......another 72 hour litigation threat accompanied with hmcs Ex326 I cannot pay my judgement threat letter. They have almost doubled charges on the balance,it becomes SB'd in sept of this year. I thought their silence was too good to be true. This time the letter has gone to chicks address.
  20. UK debt collection Industry 1. What is your gender? a) Male b) Female b. 2. What is your age group? a) 18-25 b) 26-39 c) 40-59 d) 60+ c 3. What correspondence was used to contact you? a) Letter b) Telephone c) Email d) other (please specify in question 4) a and b 4. Other correspondence please explain. Yellow postcards,letters to neighbours 5. How much debt is involved in your case? a) b) £100-£999 c) £1000-£9999 d) £10,000 + b 6. Would you communicate with debt collection agencies if they joined your forum?
  21. Thank you for the template coledog,i have printed it off and posted to Citi. Now just have to wait for the Sar,hopefully this time they will provide it.
  22. Citi have been a real pain over the sar i have written 3 times now and they keep sending my postal order back because i won't supply a sig to them. My chick won't agree to sign anything to them,so i'm at a stalemate with them.
  23. I know of this case,if i have to it's the case i would quote.
  24. I'll do a check to see if they marked it,if they have they will be challenged believe me. I'll throw everthing at them i can find in law and go for compo.
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