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  1. I'm having a hard time trying to work out how to post up the default notice. I tried to upload to image shack,no luck there,i could do with some help in this dept as i'm not techy at all. The one i have managed to post is too small to read.
  2. I have managed to upload as an attachment for you to confirm it is invalid or not! Many thanks for your help. I'm going to try again,it's far too small to read.
  3. No,no date to remedy by,just the fourteen day's. I'll give it go with my digi camera,do i have to upload to photobucket or the like in order to post it up?
  4. Yes to both questions,it also says it was served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. It includes the amount of arrears and the outstanding amount of the loan. The date of the default was the 15/10/07. I'm unsure of the date it was received. I was'nt aware of any of these debts untill he came back home,part of the reason i think.
  5. It was dated the 15/10/07. Action required to remedy Payment of the overdue amount of ****to us within 14 day's of service of this notice. I'm a bit frustrated i can't scan it up:|
  6. Thanks i'll read up on the links.
  7. My scanners down i have to get a new one:oops: I'll try to sort something out, i'm in a bit of a panic over these debts. Could there be something wrong with a default notice? Thank you for your advice by the way,i'll get the above letter sent off right away. Then i'll get a new printer sorted out so i can scan it and post it up for you to look at.
  8. My son has come back home to live with me,he has two credit card debts one with monument and one with the abby.Also an unsecured loan with the abby. He has received a default notice for the loan,the credit cards have been passed to DCA's as has the loan. The debts are in his fathers address,which is not a problem as he collects his mail regularly. What do i do next.Should i send them the CCA letter.
  9. Signed last night,sent a message to everyone in my address book too.
  10. Thank you both,i was reading another thread that Mc hall had been slapped again by the OFT,it did mention in the thread they might continue to chase a debt using meritforce. I reported Mc Hall,now i understand that the two are one and the same,so i'll get on to reporting meritforce. Do i need to reply to them with another SB letter or just go ahead and report them?.
  11. It would seem as if these guy's either can't read or just don't get the message. Meritforce have just sent another letter,only this time offering an amicable settlement. I have sent two SB letters now. Should i report to TS and OFT,this doe's seem like harrassment now. They know full well it's a SB debt.
  12. Thank you for your replies,i'll get onto it straight away. I should of titled this thread MH. The more of us complain the more chance we have of getting them shut down. thank you again.
  13. Muck Hall,have passed the debt to Meritforce doorstep collection agents. We received a letter from them today dated 15/5/09. I had posted a follow up letter to MH to reiterate the SB,i posted that last monday. MH had said they put the account on hold while they investigate my query,a statute barred letter is not a query. Do i send another SB letter to Meritforce,how do i stand on reporting MH?. I did get hubbys credit file,no debts are listed on it,only three searches by Lowell. Theres no defaults, CCJ's, nothing.
  14. He he:) Muck Hall replied this morning,the basis of the letter is asking my hubby to ring them to discuss the debt.Not a chance of that happening. They have put the the debt on hold while they investigate:? What part of my letter do they not understand,i sent the SB template. I would like to have fun with this,got any tips;)
  15. Thank you,i can relax now,although i protected his signiture i was still worrying.
  16. Thank you,at least i now know what to do if he gets any further letters regarding this debt. I have read since sending these letters that he should'nt sign them. He signed both,but what i did was to put them in an oblong box like you would find on a passport application,then i put two horizontal and verticle lines through his signiture so they cannot be lifted. I have been doing this for a while on anything that i sign. would it better not sign at all.
  17. My husband has received two letters regarding old debt's one from cabot financial and one from mckenzie hall. I have sent both companies a statute barred letter as they are over six years. He heard from cabot this morning stating the file has now been returned to the client and he will need to contact the client directly. The letter states for their part it's confirmed cabot will take no further action and the details of this account have not been retained for the purpose of credit reference. Can the client still try to persue this debt as it's been refered back to them or is the
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