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  1. Thanks, that sounds like good advice. However the fact that I was paying them makes it likely they will pursue. Its not that big a problem, I have had far worse thrown at me in this life...lol What the hell is a court going to award them out of £55 a week?
  2. Ok thanks, they would do me a fav going for banruptcy, no house, no job, nothing but £55 a week. Save me paying the bill. I think ill let them take me court, run up the bills, then bankrupt myself. I can afford the £550 so thats better than paying £1800 in my book. Get rid off the others twats as well. Thanks for your help. The contract Lowell sent, after getting hold of the debt, is pretty unreadable, you would need a magnifying glass.....seriously...but knowing that everything is set against the debtor...they will get around it with a nod and a wink, masonic handshake....e
  3. Ok thanks for your reply. Problem is that there is conflicting advice on here. This the letter I sent (personal stuff removed). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30thth March 2010 ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Re account no Dear Sir/Madam I write regarding recent communication regarding the above account. Furth
  4. Hi, I also note that in the current CCA 1974 s78 (6) listing what the creditor is prohibited from doing whilst the account is in dispute, its basically blank. Ive tried to follow the links but fairs to much sense to me. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1974/39/section/78#commentary-c1990554. Has this been amended? Where is the law (writing) for this? In the event that I do take lowell to court, I want to literally take a printout of this section. (My friend got buffed off buy court, say something like, "this is not my area of the law....you need to direct me to the releven
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. The account was in dispute because they only sent me some generic terms and conditions. I have a letter(s) x2 saying the account was SOLD to Lowell from Barclay card. Both letter arrived together and both say sold. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Hi, can someone please tell me where i stand. I had a debt of around £1800 with barclay card. I done a sar,letter in dispute, and have copies of letter postal receipt from back in 2010! They sold debt to Lowell. (This is a breach of CCA isnt it?) I have paid them £20 a month for about a year. Ive now stopped paying after realising that the account is in dispute. They say they are looking into the matter.....bull I want to take them to court and claim back the money ive paid them. Any suggestions
  7. Hi Pathway, no I havent recieved a NOA from MBNA. I do have a default notice, and the amount on this is the same as Arrow Global are claiming to the penny. However the default notice says I can remedy the breach by paying an amount before 22nd June 2010, and yet the NOA from Arrow Global say they were assigned the rights on the 12th June 2010? Is this significant? Looks like they Arrow Global were assigned the rights before the default notice was issue? Thanks JJ
  8. Hi Pathway, I will check if MBNA have confirmed assignment, I recall a letter saying they were going to sell the account on. That was months ago. However im pretty certain that the only "offical" letter stating "NOA" is from Global Arrow. I will check now. Thanks JJ
  9. Hi Tinkerman, thanks for your input. What is a "DOA"? Should I write to Global Arrow and ask if the "Assignment" is absolute or equitable? Maybe a letter to MBNA? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks again JJ
  10. Hi Bazooka Boo, thanks for your reply. Im out of my depth here. All I can say is the snippets of info in my original post, are copied exactly from the letters. What I need to know is that if it an "Absolute assignment" can I do anything about it? The quote I posted from the other thread, suggests I have to agree for it to be legally binding. But who the hell is going to agree for a that to happen? Very confusing. JJ
  11. Hi, Global Arrow are threatening to take me to court for a debt assigned to them from MBNA. Ok, I believe the CCA agreement is very likely enforceable as I took it out online in 2006. I have a copy and from what little I know it has "a right to cancel" etc. I have recieved a letter from "Global Arrow" and also an "Assignment Notice" from them. The first letter I recieved reads.... "We refer to the above and to the previous letter advising you that the debt owed by you to MBNA has been assigned to Arrow Global. We are a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) and have been appoin
  12. Hi, Ford & Cerberusalert, thanks for your post's. Its clarified my mind somewhat, I was pretty sure they would be limited to CCJ, and it that happens ill pay what I can afford. Thanks again JJ
  13. Hi, yes done the CCA request on all the accounts, I had a letter the other day (although I did the above around a year ago) saying that they would not take action as they could not supply a contract on that account. All but the one they are chasing me for, are in dispute for various reasons, mainly the print was so small you would have needed a magnifying glass to read them. I sent all recorded delivery and have copies of everything, DCA's attempts, contracts, etc. Even if they are enforceable...I cant pay them. Are you saying that only if I default on a CCJ can they try f
  14. Hi Cerberusalert, thanks for your replies. Im going to hang on, and do nothing as many of these companies threaten and do nothing. However I get the impression Global Arrow are a bit more serious. They sent me something about the DPA 1984 saying they could hold the data about me, and then they sent a "notice of Assignment" letter threatenig CCJ and if not succeesful Charging Order. Also in my defence, although i rang up very large amount of debt, (all unsecured) I had some of those cards for 20 years! I paid an awful lot of interest over multiple cards. Also MBNA
  15. Hi Cerberusalert, thanks for your reply. My debts are too big for anything but bankruptcy. Have you the knowledge to answer my original question? (the start of the thread, rather than me type it out again) Is there a time limit on transfer of property? This is my only real concern to be honest. The creditors cannot have what I dont have....as im broke thats pretty much zilch. Thanks JJ
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