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  1. Cabot made my life ****ing hell last year ... what comes around goes around
  2. I dont care about my credit profile ill rrather pay for everything in cash but on this occasion i was stupidly drawn in by a guy on the street
  3. Hey people Right well i regret this i took out a contract 18 months in june 09 stupidally with t mobile (the worst network in the world) I tryed to cancel by taking the phone back but they wouldnt let me... so for the last two months ive been struggling to pay them i am now getting annoyed as all i want to do is cancel the contract or lower my tariff but they wont let me do neither until november 2010 which is no use to me.. Help??
  4. Ehh it closed 2007 i think... well roughly 2007..thats when i was defaulted.. Ok who should i address the postal order to do you think? Ok will keep you updated Thanks Guys
  5. Ah ok right so send it to next head office with a postal order enclosed?? Im getting there! Ha.
  6. So after ive sent this letter to cabot then i call them and claim back excessive charges? Im not entirely understanding this... Sorry The orginal debt was with next this was sold to cabot...
  7. Hmm ok so i just send cabot this and they should send back what exactly? any data they hold on me?? how would i send them the £10 say? as a postal order? Are you basically saying that cabot could owe me alot?? the debt was £521 according to them when they sent me the first letter
  8. Really? How come...Ive nearly payed the whole debt... 14 quid was interest apparently
  9. Hey guys and girls... Im new here wish i found this earlier basically i had a account with Next and basically because i missed a few payments the sold the debt to cabot... i dont remember ever getting a default notice... Anyway in Sep 2008 they contacted me out of the blue and basically i agreed to pay them just to get rid of this stupid debt Anyway i have been paying them £15 a week since october and ive nearly finished got like 6 payments left I had a look at my credit report and saw that they defaulted me... How can i go around getting rid after im payed them I
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