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  1. Great advice which I will take on board. If I think of any other questions whilst doing my prep work I know where to come. Thankyou for your help.
  2. Thankyou for this information it is much appreciated. Not to sound cheeky but have you got any general / specific advice that could help out in some way or things to avoid etc.
  3. Good evening all. I will get straight to the point. I have an Employment Tribunal hearing coming soon for race discrimination against my biggot former employer and I have to prepare and send my documents to the other side so they can include them in the Bundle. Other than the letters & emails between myself and my employer along with other generic evidence do I need to include the full Race Relations Act, Employment Rights act and also case law that applies similarily to the issues in my case? Basically I need help understanding what I should be putting in the bundle and what needs to be in the bundle. Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer some advice and help. :- )
  4. How should I ask the court for another stay. What should I clarify to them as to my reasons etc. Also is there any way they can turn down my application for another stay and if they do should I try and approach the it from the same angle as in the above case as it does seem to contain very strong arguments. Any help to put my mind at rest would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone with any help. :- )
  5. OK everybody. I thought I would have recieved a little bit of advice by now but oh well. Is there anywhere I can access a basic court bundle on this site as I am totally out of my comfort zone with legal things. If there is no court bundle could somebody please offer some advice as to what needs to be in the court bundle. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello wise ones, I recently sent a letter to the county court as my stay was over and I told them I am still pursuing HSBC over the bank charges. I thought in all honesty they would stay the claim again but they didn't and instead gave me a date for court. I am happy about it but I am understandably worried as I was hoping for a further chance to listen to some new arguments before going for the throat of HSBC. I also (24 days ago) recently wrote to HSBC asking them to settle with a detailed list of why they should as it was not in their interest to go to court. I also asked if they would mind me changing the POC to include my new arguments which I compiled from this site and others but to date I have not heard from them so am going to have to go straight through the court and probably have to pay. I am a bit worried as I have never been in a court in my life and so don't know what to expect and I am a little worried about batting it out with a Toff barrister. I am going to go either way as I have nothing to lose and if they do send a barrister it will cost them a few ££££ doing so. Anyone got any help and advice as the best way to prepare for battle. Any tips or personal experiences you can offer up. For the record I am going after HSBC under hardship if that is any help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Your case is very similer to mine in as far as the conflicting decisons go. Have you appealed also I take it. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile writing to a MP or someone to get some outside help. Any ideas?? Alos thanks Antone for that info. I will do all that is suggested in your post. Thankyou
  8. Hello all. It was a normal medical (nothing relating to work capability) which they have come back and given me 0 points which is honestly ridiculous. They have said that I not entitled to ESA any more from 30/07/2010 (the day they made there decision. I got the letter this morning and I contacted the ESA people immediatley and give them an ear full. Considering I had only just won my previous appeal and that my condition as worsened by about 80% than last year and I am under 2 specialist consultants and on more medication a day than there are sweets in a tube of smarties I find it extremley difficult to see how they have come to this decison. I am almost completley deaf for starters and on the form they wrote HEARING:- Can hear a person stood close shouting in a quite enviroment. LOL what a joke. I am going to be appealing but is there anything else I can and should do.
  9. So what you are basically saying is that it is therefore acceptable to issue you someone with a ticket whilst they are attempting to buy a ticket. The enforment officer firstly has to locate a random car in a busy carpark not displaying a ticket then he has to start recording the time without a ticket so that he can issue a penalty after 5 mins. he has to take pictures, record the registration, the tax disk and then take more pictures of the car with the penalty attached, sign the penalty and then continue is rounds. My point is this. I parked at 12:53 and by 12:58 a ticket was already issued and placed on my motor then he walked the length of the carpark to come to the machine I was using. He must have been punching in my registration to his little machine before I had even gotten out of the car is what I am saying. There is not enough time for him to do all of those things if he had followed the book so to speak. Anyway to sum up I will be appealing it and I am very confident I will win given similar scenarios I have been reading about. Thanks to all those that helped out.
  10. Whether I needed to get change or not is not really the issue anyway in my eyes, more the timescales involved and all I know is that it is not acceptable. He must have been writing out my ticket before I had even gotten out of my car as an eight minute round trip including time spent with the attendant at the machine (at least a couple of minutes) to purchase a ticket and get back to the car is pretty damn fast for someone like me who has difficulty walking. It was only after this that I went to do my shopping. Even though it may appear this way - I am not going to risk a ticket of £25.00 plus for the sake of 20p and to suggest otherwise is ludicrous.
  11. I take on board what your saying and yeah if the ticket price was £10 then I can understand people not paying that to park but the price for a 2 hour stay is 20p. Why would I not bother paying 20p. Maybe they should get a machine to issue change like many I have used in the past. So from me pulling up in the parking bay, walking to the machine noticing I didn't have 20p only a £10 note, popping in shop directly in front of the machine (wilkinsons) to change £10, going back to machine, (where the attendent who issued my parking ticket helped me use the machine was and returning to my car all in the space of exactly 8 minutes and within that time being issued a parking ticket is ridiculous to say the least. It was a chain of scenarios outside of my control. 1. Had to park a long way from the machine. 2. Had to walk (which for me is difficult) to the machine furthest from where I had parked. 3. Had to wait at the till in the shop to get change 4. Had to wait in line to get my ticket 5. Had trouble with the machine, Civil enforcement officer showed me how to use it. 6. had to back to the car. There was a ticket on car. Out of interest what would you have done differently to avoid getting a ticket if your situation was the same as mine other than bring change with you??? Would be interested to know?!
  12. I have no way of doing that other than typing it up word for word which I will do later. Thanks for all the advice.
  13. It's £25.00 if paid in 14 days and increasing to £50 thereafter. As to your second point about time to get change then as I had to park along way from the machine and the shop and the fact I have a bit of trouble walking this will all equate to a longer period away from my car without a ticket (a total of 8 minutes I was gone). It feel like he basically pounced on my car the second I started stumbling to the shops/machine. He issued ticket at 12:58 and he helped me work the machine and ticket was purchased by 13:01. The only other machine was out of order so there was a cue at the machine I was using. It seems very cut throat indeed if this is the way that the council is operating??
  14. Hello all. I have just recieved my first ever parking ticket. I pulled into a shopping precint so I could get some shopping however all the car park spaces near to the shops were full so had to park at the opposite end of the carpark. I then went to the machine which charges 20p for 2 hours parking (yes thats right 20p for 2 hours). I realised I had no change so went into Wilkinsons and cued up to get some change which took in total from leaving the car about 4 minutes I then went back to the machine to purchase my ticket for 20p - where the lovely Civil Enforcement Officer explained how the Machine worked and that I had to input my registration. I got the ticket walked back to my car and then noticed I had been given a parking ticket. The parking ticket was issued at 12:58 and I bought my ticket at 13:01. I confronted the little pencil neck and he said he had watched it for 5 mins before and they have a 5 min rule. I don't believe he did watch it for 5 mins before. Even if this is the case I have just had major surgery and have trouble walking with any real conviction so it may have taken me an extra couple of minutes. Surely they should take that into consideration. What can I do. Anyone got a letter I can send to them appealing against the decision as this is ridiculous - They are asking for £50.00 which will increase to £75.00 after 28 days.
  15. Thanks I will cash the cheque and fill out my tribunal form. Any other opinions welcome.
  16. I sent them one already a while back. I have done everything within reason over the last 35 days to reslove the matter but they are side tracking all the time. These are the points in my favour may help decide or narrow done advice from you all. No SSP or other monies paid for 9 weeks. Got given cheque with the letter saying I am dismissed. Employer failed to follow dismissal procedures. Employer refused to give ANY pay slips or contract of employment - coincidentally upon asking for these things I was removed from my job which amounts to unfair dismissal I think as I was acting on a statutory right. Employment law is so awkward. There are several other things I have against them so taking all this into consideration where do I stand. ie - court or tribunal etc. p.s - should I except the £300 as a PARTIAL PAYMENT and then pursue the rest or will that effect things for me???
  17. I have already tried that and all they could achieve was encouraging my ex-employer to send me a cheque for £300. I need to step it up a bit cause this is a very dodgy company at the best of times and they owe me nearly £800 pounds. To answer your question regarding why I consider a tribunal is because I thought the fact that my ex-employer broke so many rules regarding paying my sick pay(not paid anything for 9 weeks and yet today sent me info showing the payments at weekly intervals), not dimissing me appropriately just told me over the phone, lying about sacking 8 employees (only sacked me) and the fact he 'hood-winked' me into coming back to work weekends so that I wasn't on a sick note and therefore they could sack me. I don't know if employment tribunal is best or court action etc. Could really do with a bit more advice. Thanks.
  18. Hello all. I will keep this as breif as poss. I have been very ill recently in and out of hospital, operations etc which obviously meant time off work of which my employer was informed the same day as I was rushed to hospital. I ended up having 5 weeks off sick during which time I recieved no payments from the company (no SSP or outstanding monies). At the end of my 5th week my employer contacted me and asked if I could come in and help out just at the weekends and he promised I would only have to do light duties. I agreed. So I was working Sat & Sun as instructed by my boss whilst awaiting my second operation and worked a total of 2 full weekends and a sunday = 5 days of which I still wasn't paid any money. The monday morning I contacted my boss and explained that I hadn't been paid any money for 9 weeks and that I would need some money ASAP. He said he would call me back later that day once he has sorted it out. In the afternoon he called me up and told me he has sent me a payment out in the post; he went on to say that the company is struggling and he has to dismiss 8 people from the company of which I am one. I was annoyed of course but what could I do. A couple of days later I applied to the benefits office and explained what had happened and they told me that I should be paid a weeks notice and my outstanding holday pay and recieve my P45 and would also need my last 5 weeks payslips (never recieved any?) I asked my boss for these they said "I am not entitled to anything and they sent me a letter asking why I was only attending work at weekends and not doing my normal 5 days"? After several letters I got in touch with ACAS who spoke to the company on my behalf and asked them to pay me up and today I recieved a cheque for £300.00 which is less than half of what is owed. I am thinking about going to a tribunal but wanted some advice first as it seems they are trying it on so to speak and I know that is how they operate anyway. Can anyone offer up some advice as I am at the end of my tether with this lot. Thanks for reading.
  19. Thanks again. I am not sure which of the two it is. The appeal panel have not specified a date for a medical however the new medical I have been booked for have asked me to bring details of the tribunals decision. I will have to look into it a bit more and should be ok from here on. Thanks once again for the info.
  20. Thanks for the reply. I am in financial hardship and have been for a long time so the fact some of these have been successful is slightly more promising. I have been reading up on stuff but I think I should maybe go forward and see what happens.
  21. I presume that reclaiming once registered with the court is a lost cause? Is there any method or point in continuing at all; does anyone know of any success stories since the court's won.
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