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  1. Ok have received response. First off I had a call from a lady who said she had my file in front of her and that they had attended court with me. I explained that although I recalled speaking to someone for advice I had attended court on my own. I had submitted all my papers by myself. She said that they had written to me numerous times and sent me an invoice. I have not received anything prior to the November letter of last year. I explained this to her. She said she would go back to the office and discuss and come back to me. The next day I received a letter telling me that
  2. also they have my address wrong, I note that I should not sign the letter, should I correct them as far as my address goes?
  3. yes thats them. they have never mentioned how much they are expecting me to pay or what it is about - I have never contacted anyone about my mortgage only my secured loan. do you think it might be connected to the chap I spoke to ?? but never took any further action with? in which case are they able to keep chasing me?
  4. Has anyone ever heard of these people? MORTGAGE MEDIATION SERVICE Back in November 2008 I received a letter (incorrectly addressed to me) stating that I owe them money for their services stating that they are surprised and shocked that despite reminders they have not received their monies and if I didnt pay by end of December 08 they would take action to recover funds. I immediately tried to ring them - the telephone number on the letter head is crossed through and when you ring its disconnected. I tried to access their website and it went to a site that offers various companies to ass
  5. Thank you for your comments. How do I go about asking for the records you mention? Do I have to ask First Plus themselves? or Barclays?
  6. I wonder if anyone can advise me about my first plus loan please. towards the end of 2005 I was experience financial difficulties, had built up some silly unsecured debts and as a single mum with two children went into a panic and took what turns out to be some pretty bad advice from a friend who was at the time working for Barclays Bank. Had I known then what I know now my whole life would be so much easier right now. Anyway was advised to take out a secured loan against my property, which now takes me to about 95% of the value. I cant really recall my conversations with the first plu
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