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  1. thanks but have they worded the letter ok and could they sell the debt on the letter does not state full and final offer.
  2. hello i cant scan letter up but this is what i got this morning please could someone have a look at tell me what you think please dear ***** account ************ account ending ******* partial settlement with reference to the above accounts held with mbna and taking into account your current financial situation, mbna are willing to review a partial settlement of £****** against your total outstanding debt of £****** subject to terms and conditions. account ending ****0000 partial settlement amount £***** £**** to be paid on your account before 28/11 £**** to be paid on your account before 28/12 £**** to be paid on your account before 15/01/10 account ending ****0000 partial settlement amount £***** £**** to be paid on your account before 28/11 £**** to be paid on your account before 15/01/10 all of your accounts will then register as a partial settlement with the credit reference bureau but you will not be pursued for the remaining amount. please call me on ******* should you not be able to adhere to the above, at least one of the above accounts will be passed to senior account managers with the view to registering a default against you with the credit reference agencies where your credit histiory will be negatively impacted. if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact me yours sincerely name printed the account is for 2 credit cards they have vaild agreements at the top of the letter it has the full number of one of the accounts but the 2nd account they only put the last 4 numbers
  3. can anyone help me on this please
  4. thanks can they put a default notice with credit ref agencies without sending me a default letter they have defaulted me but never got a letter saying that
  5. hello please could someone look at what i got in the post from a loan that was taken out dear acc number ballance arrears we are writing to advice you of our intention to register your account as being in default of the original terms of the loan agreement. notice of default will be issued in 28 days time. should the corrective action not be taken, we have the right to register the notice of default with the credit reference agencies and this will seriously affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. please telephone an administration charge of £25.00 will be applied to your account. this amount, if not paid sooner, will be payable of the outstanding balance when you settle your loan. i have been defaulted with the credit ref agencies a couple of weeks ago for another loan that i had they never sent me a default notice or anything were do i stand the loans were taken out in may of 2007 i did cca and everything seems ok with them please could someone have look and give me some advice please thanks
  6. hello the cheque on the back did state do not cash this cheque unless you agree it is a f&f settlement this cheque was made out from me i do not owe this company anything the money owed is my ex partners debt i also stated that it should be sent back if they did not accept this this letter was photo copy and sent r.d
  7. hello my ex partner spoke to someone from barclaycard and they said they would do a f&f offer he told them that a friend (thats me ) would loan him money to pay off debt he owes on credit cards. he wrote the letter stating that this was for a f&f offer and to only cash the cheque if accepting i wrote the cheque out as i was lending him the money yes i didnt need to but the house is still in joint names and i dont want to lose this i have 2 young children now my ex has had a letter back after they have cashed the cheque saying they have no record of the telephone call that was made he never got anything in writing what is my position now can they do this even though on the back i did say only to cash this if accepting full and final offer this they did please help what now
  8. this is what was in the template letter that i beleived that the agreement is not properly executed and you could give in support of that belief the failuree to provide under s78 or refer to what thay have provided under s 78 and not being a properly executed agreement all the letters i have sent them i have printed off from this site i also sent them a 31.16 request
  9. hi i told them i would like to make sure it was properly executed i sent template letters from off here my p.c playing up so cant put anything on here at moment. i rang consumer direct and they told me just because they have not sent anything out they are still within there rights i also pointed out that so am i and that i need them so i can get my debt etc sorted out. she said they dont have to acknowledge any letters were do i go from here i sent all letters r.d and have proof like i said i didnt get any reply to any of the letters sent to them
  10. thanks my pc wont let me do scan at moment i will try later i will get on phone now thanks
  11. hello i sent the template for pre protocols part 31.16 to mbna,virgin,a&l,barclaycard not one of them have reply i sent them a request for cca on the 5th may then a default letter on the 10th june the last letter was on the 7th july part 31.16 giving them 21 days to reply all i get back from them are demanding payments letters and phone calls what do i do now
  12. hello i got two letters off a&l this morning one letters date is 15th of july and is a notice of sums in arrears the other dated 16th july says that a default notice will be issued in 28 days time there is no mention of all the letters that i have sent cca request 5th may with £1.00 p.o then a default notice on the 10th june the last letter was part pre action protocols 31.16 what do i do now help i am getting very worried why dont they just send me the cca that i have asked for
  13. hello i have been reading posts and decided to write to barclaycard i sent off a template part 31.16 requesting my cca on the 7th july. i got 2 letters this morning one from barclaycard date 14th july asking for urgent payment no mention of my previous letters including one putting them in default for not supplying my cca that i sent with £1.00 p.o they say there could be a referral of debt collector, home visit or court order, charging order, and one from mercers dated 15th july demanding payment what do i do now i am real worried
  14. hello no all they sent were T&c no place for me to sign or anything
  15. hi my p.c not letting me do it at moment but they are the same T&C that they have sent out to many people on here its just said they sent me a copy of the original barclaycard terms and conditions at the time i opened the account but this would of had my last address and not the new one also i did get this online so my chance are slim of getting anything back from them thanks
  16. yes i will try on the letter they sent me with it they said they sent me an origanal T&C at the time of opening the account but that would of show my address at the time i open the account wouldnt it
  17. all i got from barclay card were t&c when i sent them cca request at the top of the t&c there is barclaycard conditions credit card agreement and my name and address i took this card out over 18 months ago i changed my address 3 months ago the address on the t&C they sent has my new address on so the t&c they did send me are not from the time i took out this card are they ment to do this
  18. hello again yes all my credit cards were made online the A&L loans were not they came through the post for me to sign etc i sent off letters asking for cca and only barclay credit card sent back t&c and 1 of the loans A&L that i have put on here for someone to look at. because i got them online why have they just not sent me what they have out i dont understand it i sent 2 letters from the templates off but no reply from them
  19. this is one i got from mbna virgin credit cards i have sent cca request to virgin,barclay,mbna,and A&l all but barclay and a&l sent something back all others have made no reply
  20. hello again just gone through paper work and i did send these off to them on the 10th r.d they got them on the 12th what now thanks
  21. hi i am trying to reload but this is what i keep on getting what am i doing wrong thanks
  22. no i will get it print off now to sign thanks
  23. hello i have a credit card with mbna i sent the a budget sheet when i was made redundant qas i could not afford my payments i asked for them to freeze account and review it in few months then i sent them a request for cca they didnt reply in the time limit so i sent the another let saying they had a further 30m days to send me my cca this credit card was apply on line just over a year ago thet just keep sending me reminders for me being in arrears what do i do now
  24. hello i have 2 loans with a&L i sent off budget sheet and let them no what i could afford at moment since lose my job i then sent them both a cca request i got one back but not the other i sent reminder about the 12 plus 2 day deadline and told them they had a further 30 to reply and still nothing what do i do now these loans are just over 2 years old and were apply through the post
  25. hello i sent barclay credit card a cca request they just sent terms and cond i sent them a budget sheet and our out goings and what we could afford to pay they have ignored all letters that i have sent even though they were recorded they still wont freeze intrest or accept the payments we have left what do i do please help
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