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  1. hello again here has what has been going on. i spoke to fos and they told me to put in a complant that i did today. i have just come off the phone from insurance as my partner as far as he is concerned does not no that his insurance is getting cancel/voided. this came from me when they spoke to me on the phone again and gave me all this information. i am not named on the insurance and he was never here when they spoke to me in the past so have they broke the rules of data protection act. i spoke to them and said if he has not got a letter confirming insurance cancel/void then he should be able to cancel now over the phone they said he cant do that as it has gone to the underwriters and they have said they are in process of voiding it and cancel i asked why and she said it was up to the underwriters and he cannot cancel he has to wait for letter i said that as far as he is concerned he doesnt no anything about this as he has not spoken to anyone and he only got the info off me when he got home from work so i am the 3rd party that they spoke to without my partners say so what rights do we have what a mess they havent told us why it getting cancel/voided they said we would have to wait for the letter to arrive please help
  2. hello thanks for reply i have not deliberately under insured my home why would i as if anything did happen i wouldnt be insured. our last insurance was 40,000 and the one before that. this was a honest mistake that is going to cost us dearly. i am so upset we dont have insurance now and all our insurances we have to tell them about this. this insurance is in my partners name only he has only spoke on the phone twice once to make the claim and then today they just said they would get hold of him in the next few days about the claim. my partner is not pleased as they have been dealing with me over the phone most times when he is not here i am not named on the insurance only him he only found out off me today when i phoned him and told him what they had done with his insurance he said they had no right to do this. i have spoken to fos and my partner needs to give them details of what has gone on. i have never had to deal with anythink like this at all but due to one mistake it has made our life hell please any info i would be greatful
  3. hello thanks for the reply i have just rang the insurance up and asked them to stop the claim. he went away for 10min and said that the claim had been voided and they were cancel our insurance. i asked why they didnt tell my partner this morning on the phone and he couldnt answer me. i had asked to pay to up date my insurance so i had proper cover they were not intrested. now i have no insurance no laptop and when i get insurance now it will cost me a arm and a leg i couldnt understand how i got it to 4000 for my insurance but the man said i may have missed 0 off when i put it online. he said i have to declare everytime now that i have had a void and cancel insurance do i have to tell everyone when i get insurance re new car insurance etc were do i go from here please help thanks
  4. the laptop was insured under high risk items of 1500 in a way i am glad about the laptop as thats when we found out how low we was insured for.
  5. hello thanks for the info my insurance is 2600 and 1500 for high risk items. spoke to them on phone he says they cant up the insurance as there is an open claim with the laptop and until this is sorted we cant up insurance i am worried as i need insurance dont like not to be insured. i try to get other insurance but because there is an open claim most wont do it .
  6. hello i made a claim on my home insurance for my laptop sent off all that they needed i didnt here anything for 2 weeks so i rang them and asked how long the claim would take they had sent me some forms to fill out about what i had in the house and how much they cost etc i filled these in and sent them off. they told me i was under insured i asked them to explain to me and they said that i was only insured for 2600 for a 3 bed house that i own. i couldnt belive it i said they must of been a mistake i hunted my insurance docs out and there it said 2600 i dont no how i have missed it i had done everything online so dont no how it came to that my other insurance i was insured for 40000 and told them this. i had even put the laptop down for 500 for high risk the man said i should of known something was wrong when i paid as it was low i said my last insurance was only £40 more so didnt think anything just thought it was because i had an extra years no claims. i asked the man who was the underwriter if i could get it for 40000 like my last insurance as it wouldnt even cover my suite for that amount yes its my mistake as i should of noticed the amount but i didnt. as i said to the man why would i insure my 3 bed house for under 3000 pounds he said i had done it on purpose. i am worried the insurance with them doesnt cover anything so if god forbid anything happen in my home i wouldnt be insured. he wont up my insurance and said it could take weeks to sort out i cant get other insurance at the moment because this claim is pending and i am under insured what can i do the man was real nasty i didnt do it on purpose it is a mistake that i didnt no of until i made the claim for laptop. i dont no what to do
  7. on the court form it says claimant then the address of there solicitor optima when i rang mbna they said they had sold it to optima but how can they if there name is on the court papers
  8. hello i got a dn dated 7th july i had to pay by the on or befor the 26th july are they within there dates it was posted 2nd class
  9. i have just rang up mbna and they said they dont have the account anymore that it was sold to optima on the 29th of june so this solicitors have the debt now if they sold it on the 29th of june the default letter they sent me from mbna was onthe 7th of july and the letter i got demanding full payment from optima dated 3rd of august on the court on the court papers it says the claimant is mbna but they are saying they sold the debt to optima dont no what to do what do i put on court papers etc please anyone
  10. hi again i have the 2nd class post envelpe that it came in if that is any help
  11. hello again i got this credit card onlineso will have cca i have just found a letter this is what it says i think its the default notice IMPORTANT - YOU SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY default notice served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 date 07th july 2010 dear XXXXXXX CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT XXXXXXXXX we refaer to the above agreement which you have entred into with us. Paragraph 8 of that agreement provides that you must repay immediatly the amount of any arrers on the account. you are in breach of that clause because you have failed to make payment and are seriously in arrears. a stop has been placed on your card. in order to remedy this breach we must recieve a payment of £xxxx by the 26th july 2010 your account ballance is currently xxxxxxx IF THE ACTION REQUIRED BY THIS NOTICE IS TAKEN BEFORE THE DATE SHOWN NO FURTHER ENFORCEMENT ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IN RESPECT OF THE BREACH. IF YOU DO NOT TAKE ACTION REQUIRED BY THIS NOTICE BEFORE THE DATE SHOWN THEN THE FURTHER ACTION SET OUT BELOW MAY BE TAKEN AGAINST YOU. On or after the date shown, your account will be closed and the credit agreement will be terminated and we may take court proceedings to recover the whole amount owed by you to us. further statements will not be issued please note that if we terminate your credit agreement your full ballance will be payable immediately and that you will still be personally liable to pay all amounts which become due to us for example, any subscriptions and regular payments that you have stopped or outstanding credit card cheques. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY IN PAYING ANY SUM OWING UNDER THE AGREEMENT OR TAKING ANY OTHER ACTION REQUIRED BY THIS NOTICE, YOU CAN APPLY TO THE COURT WHICH MAY MAKE AN ORDER ALLOWING YOU OR ANY SURETY MORE TIME. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT TO DO YOU SHOULD GET HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR EXAMPLE YOU SHOULD CONTACT A SOLICITOR, YOUR LOCAL TRADING STANDARDS DEPT OR NEAREST CAB This notice should include a copy of the current office of fair trading information sheet on default this contains important information about your rights and were to go for support and advice if it is not included you should contact us to get one please have a look what do i do now
  12. hello thanks i am trying to find letter confirm that they accept my £1.00 payment i got this credit card in 2008 i did it online so they will have agreement. no they never sent me a letter dn i just got a letter off the solicitors saying that if i dint respond in 14 days that they will send me to court this was dated 3rd aug i got the letter over a week later. on court papers it states that mbna are the claiments so think they still have this debt what are my steps on dealing with this i am sending off a sar request and cpr 31.14 request and a crp 18 request what else do i need to do they never sent me a dn or i would of kept it what do i do now
  13. i didnt get a dn notice just these letters
  14. help i have just got a letter from northampton county court for non payment of credit card £2592 i live in lancashire so cant go all the way down there i was paying mbna £1.00 a month that i am still paying have done for the last 6 months i am on benefits now due to my ex leave me i have 2 children i didnt recieve any letters asking for payment from mbna only 1 letter from there solicitors dated the 3rd of aug saying i had 14 days to pay this letter was sent 2nd class post i joint own my home with my ex and there is a loan on it as well please i need to no how to fill these papers in i dont want to lose my home any help i would be greatful th issue date for court papers was 23rd aug i just got them today the 26th help please anyone
  15. hello i rang my sons work up and asked them for his contract i will type what is in the letters as my pc playing up 1st letter says: I acknowledge reciept of my copy of the statement of terms of employment and the employees handbook, which i understand together form my contract with the company. i have read and agree to accept these terms and conditions of my employment. this is signed by my son on the 18th june 2007 12 months after he started with them the other letter they gave him is from the construction apprentice scheme. Dear employer construction apprentice scheme (CAS) my sons name here RE: Apprentice agreement between my sons work and my sons name the agreement has been formaly recorded as effective from the 4th sept 2006 with an expected completion date of august 2009 the agreement will retained by us for safe keeping and we will write to you again six weeks prior to the expected completion date. on receipt of your confirmation of successful compleation the agreement will released to the apprentice along with a completion you should in the first instance, contact CAS records centre for further advice. this letter is dated 23rd feb 2007 the 3rd letter is also from construction apprenticeship scheme it says: NOTES FOR GUIDANCE TITLE: 1 the scheme shall be called the constuction apprenticeship scheme PURPOSE: 2 the purpose of the scheme shall be to administer training of apprentices in all construction related occupations. MANAGEMENT BOARD: 3 the management board will be the sub-committee on the construction apprenticeship scheme, a sub-committee of the CITB's training committee and will comprice of representatives from frederations,trade unions,employers and CITB staff. the administration of the scheme shall be delegated to the construction industry training board, 4 the management board reserves the right to vary the conditions contained within the scheme and promulgate any alterations arising therefrom, without prejudice to the existing apprenticeship training agreement. REGISTRATION: 5 the apprentice shall be registered under the terms and conditions of the apprenticeship agreement approved within the provisions of the construction apprenticeship scheme. ENGAGEMENT: 6 the apprentice shall be engaged by the employer. TRAINING: 7 EMPLOYER the employer shall provide proper training in all areas of work in the appropriate occupation of the apprentice. the employer shall allow such leaveof absence during normal working hours as will permit the apprentice to attend off the job training mwhere relevant. for the minimum training times laid down by CITB in the case of a continuous course in each year of apprenticeship. to follow an appropriate progarame of study leading towards a national vocational qualificatio. such release from work shall continue for at least too full academic years or until the apprentice has obtained the appropriate NVQ award. the employer shall encourage the apprentice to attend further study the employer shall not employ the apprentice on labouring work, other than that required to give a thorough knowledge of the relevant occupation. the employer is contractuaally bound to provide equality of opportunity for all apprentices. the apprentice shall not receive less favourable treatment than any other on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin,gender religion these are the only things my son was given when he asked for his employment contract can someone please have a look is this a term of contract thanks
  16. hello thankyou for the reply my sons start date was sept 5th 2006 but he started working for them as soon as he left school on the 17th of july then in sept thats when he started 1 day week at college. he took time out after he did his 2nd year as he found it a little hard and didnt no if he wanted to do his 3rd year. his work said they would keep him on then if he wanted he could do his 3rd year advance apprentice if he wanted the year after. this is what my son did so in sept 2009 started his 3rd year advanced apprenticeship they gave him contract to sign till the end of aug 2010. he still has 2 key skills left to do then he will have finished his apprenticeship he is not at college now and he is just waiting to pass these exams then he will of finished his 3rd year. my son will be 21 years old in sept this year.
  17. hello my son who is coming to the end of his apprentice has just got a letter informing him he is to be made redundant. he is in his 3rd year advance apprentice. he started work with this employer when he left school he passed his 1st and 2nd year but found it hard so his employers said they would keep him on and he would be able to do it the year after. my son was fine with this even though for 12 months he was still only getting an apprentice wage (even though he wasnt an apprentice). the year after he went in for his 3rd year and now as he is coming to the end of it they have said they are making him redundant they have told him not to come in for the rest of the week but will pay him till friday. he has to go for a meeting on why he has been selected etc would he be entitled to any money for being made redundant does he have any rights at all. he started with this employer in july 2006 just after he finished school the 12 months he worked not as an apprentice does that count for anything any advice i would be grateful thankyou
  18. were do i stand with them legally if i do end up going to court thanks
  19. thankyou do i need to send letter accepting the termination of the agreement or will me just cancel standing order just do
  20. please can someone give me some advice on the letter above thanks
  21. sorry no not yet got 7 days left to do so just worried they not put f&f on letter also not stated from my letter above that they wont sell on
  22. hello they have an enforcable credit agreement i did it online also it was after 2007 i had asked for a full and final offer and they offered this at 29% i am worried over how they have worded this please can someone have a look and tell me please it does not state that they wont pass on to 3rd party
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