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  1. hello I acknowledged the court papers online yesterday saying I would be defending claim Today when I tried to log in to money claim its saying wrong id or password I have put them in correct when I try to get log in information its asking for customer mcol number that i don't have any idea on how to get these i really cannot understand as i have put in the correct id and password thanks
  2. sorry I tried to put my mistake right but didn't know how
  3. yes I have found some papers wanted to no if this default is defective Santander sold this account
  4. hello I found this default notice as I am having to sort brothers paper work out as he got court papers for this debt does this default notice look ok its dated 20/01/10 the envelope is 2nd class post is it prescribed in the right format as nothing is in bold or highlighted he got an account summery from Santander dated 09/03/10 saying outstanding balance £0 then he got letter on the 13/02/10 saying they had terminated his account how many days did he have to sort his arrears out on the notice thanks
  5. feb 2010 token payment of £4 account opened in april 2008
  6. hello my brother has got court papers delivered to his old address his ex partner rang him to tell him this is for a debt that is 4 months off the 6 year mark my brother has depression has for years being in debt has made it worse for him my brother and his ex have a joint mortgage and he pays towards his daughter who lives with his ex in there home he has not been getting the debt letters as they have been going to his ex house and she has not told him about them only this letter because it was for court I got the information and with my brother rang up robinson way explained that he has not been getting his mail as it has been sent to his ex address my brother says he told them of his address a few years ago so cant understand why they have sent them there may be its because his name is also on the mortgage I asked robinson way if we could do I partial settlement but they only took off £550 off the amount of £4870 I cannot lend him this amount I told them this was way too much I mentioned about his depression that he has had for years and how worried this could make him worse they said they would put a stop to the court proceedings and hold the debt do they can write to him about his mental health etc I am a bit worried as we don't have court papers to say that he has them could they be lying so that he doesn't respond to the claim as I mentioned that I would ring court up explain they were sent to wrong house and get information so he could file online robinson way said there is no need to do this as they have halted the debt until they send info about his mental health as they want more information how do I no that they are telling the truth and stopped the court proceedings or do they just hope that my brother does not respond and gets a ccj as he has not acted sorry for rambling but very worried any information would be helpful
  7. hello my surname is different and my nephew left the property next door 6 months ago after he and his girlfriend broke up A new tenant moved in to this property 4 months ago my car is in my sole name and my nephew has never been on my insurance (my nephew cannot drive) my nephew did live part time this was over 3 years ago but then he moved into the rented property next door with his girlfriend he does not live with me and has no bills etc at my address the man didn't say what it was for but just gave my nephews name
  8. hello a man saying he was bailiff came to my house this morning for my nephew who lived next door the lady who lives there sent him to my home I just opened the window and he asked for my nephew I said he didn't live here and he said he had been told different. i told him no he didn't and to do checks that he doesn't this should confirm that he doesn't they started asking me for my name etc and said he would take my car this is in my name told him i would call the police if he didn't get off my property (i own my home ) he said he would be back. i am scared to open the windows my little girl was a little frightened i did ask him for a card but he quickly showed me his badge but not his name. what can they do can he or anyone else entre my home while i am out or even in with my daughter. My son stopped last night as he has broken his elbow yesterday so he went to the window and the man started asking questions the man obviously thought it was my nephew. i am scared to go out now just in case they break into my home.
  9. hi my sister is going to pay from her debit card will this be ok can they sell on rest of the debt as it doesnt say that they will or wont thanks for advice
  10. please can anyone advice me on what they have said in letter they said i only have till next week to pay dont want to pay and they can sell debt on.
  11. please can someone look and tell me if this letter ok just got this back from lowell is there anything missing and can they still sell debt on i have typed this letter out thanks you Thank you for agreeing to settle your account. We have set up the payment plan that you agreed and will formalise this arrangement once we receive the required bank/card details from you. Your new Lowell payment plan Please check these details carefully and let us know if there are any problems. Your full and final settlement amount:£xxxxx How often you pay: A one off payment in full and final settlement. Payment is due on or before: 26thJanuary, 2012 Payment method: Direct Debit or Debit/Credit card Supplying your bank/card details It is very important thatyou call us within 5 days from today to supply your bank/card details. Once wehave these details we will be able to formalise your repayment plan and you canclear your account. Once we have received your £xxxxxx payment the remainingbalance of the account will be written off and your credit file updatedaccordingly. Repaying your account is important and may improve your ability toobtain credit in the future as lenders will look at your payment history tomake a decision about whether to lend.
  12. no not yet didnt think i would get another letter if the name spelt wrong and they have wrong date of birth how can they chase me for it the lady at littlewoods would not give me any info as my date of birth did not match it also says miss xxxx and not mrs xxxx they have also spelt 1st name wrong adding letter at the end
  13. hi just an up date got a letter this morning from capquest saying they were going to statutory demand within 18 days. A few days ago i rang littlewoods up as i think its just over 6 year mark when i gave my name she wanted my date of birth i gave her this she said it was not correct and also it spells my first name wrong with ie at end and not y it also says miss and not mrs were do i stand if the dob does not match mine and name spelt wrong
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