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  1. So bascially anyone cam write anything about me and crf will put it on file regardless if its correct or not?
  2. Thank you for the advice i will be sending them the letter above and i am also going to contact the CRA's too.
  3. They are seriously driving me mad now to the point where i have unplugged my house phone to stop them calling. They are writing and texting now too!! Basically in 20o4 my husband had an O2 contract mobile phone and after the contract ran out he went onto payg for the next 5 years. Last year Lowell started to write demanding payment of £461 for an unpaid bill. I contacted O2 and was told they couldn't find any information relating to the account as it was over 6 years ago. Firstly i wrote to Lowell telling them we owed nothing and to bugger off but the letter kept coming so i send
  4. Somebody has said to me can't i just send a request to Lowells requesting a copy of the default notice and tell them if they cant supply me with one then tell them they have to remove the entry?
  5. Im Afraid Lowlife have defaulted me!! the entry reads as follows lowell portfolio i ltd communications started 21/10/05 Default £462 Defaulted 03/11/06 Current Balance £461 Status History 8 File updated for the period to 05/12/10 The reason i said that lowell,freds and Bryan carter are all involved is because ive had letters from all 3 of these people for this debt and was told previously that they are all the same company. To here is nothing on my file relates to O2 at all. I need this Crap removing asap.
  6. Hi there some of you may remember me asking on her for help regarding Freds and O2,i CCA Freds and they didnt get back to me in time so i then sent the follow up letter saying that they had failed to respond in time. I then got a Bryan Carter letter threatening action so i sent them the prove it letter and have had one back saying the account is on hold while they await instructions from "their" client !!!! last night we checked the CRF and Lowell have put a default on there for the said amount of £460 and the date is 03/11/06. Now they never gave us any warning of this and the
  7. Hiya yes it was around 4 years ago now,there was nothing said at the time of the switch,i didn't think id be able to do it but i did and BG sent a few letters after the other company took over demanding payment but i ignored them and then it went to DCA . I realise now i have been fleeced but nothing i can do about that now but im not paying anymore. I have printed the prove it letter off and will send it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the replies x
  8. What worries me is if they take it to court or put anything on my CRF?? About switching,thats what i thought but i changed from BG to my current supplier and no one said anything,but a friend who tried to switch was sent a letter saying she had to first pay what she owed to the current company first! Don't know how i was ok doing it though. So should i send them the prove it letter or not?
  9. Not very far im afraid i didn't know how to do it and hadn't found this site back then,i was going through loads of crap at the time too and let everything spiral out of control. They sent me a massive bill and i called them up and argued it but they said it was correct,i argued that i cannot have used that amount of gas as im hardly home but they wasn't interested and just started to use threats against me. Anyway i was scared and switched and when the new company took over they replaced my gas meter because they said it was so old and would be incorrectly giving readings. I now pay nothin
  10. Hi Please can you help? The original amount was £1646 and the amount now been chased which matches the Moorcroft card is ££906.02. The whole reason this has come about is because i disputed the amount with BG in the first place but they just tossed me about so i switched companys and told then to go away for their money. The debt dates back to 2007. Payments were made from 4/08 till 9/10. why do you say their going to wish they had never been given this to collect???
  11. Hi No im not repaying anymore dodgy dca's thank god,but i know what you mean i wish i hadn't started to pay it either but he caught me on the hop at the door and i wasn't prepared for it if you know what i mean? But thats their game isn't it to catch you off guard. Surprisingly the amount isn't what the original amount owing was and the amount they have claimed on the letter matches the amount on the moorcroft card that i have. I am going to send them the prove it letter. Thank u x
  12. Yes it is British Gas,is the letter you mean the prove it letter?
  13. To cut a long story short, i have a running debt with BG that Moorcroft were collecting fornightly from my door. I was paying £10 per fortnight untill the bloke that was coming moved away and he said they would be in contact to let me know when the new person was coming. Anyway i never did hear from moorcroft again so i left it (im not gonna chase them to pay am i ) Then i started to get nasty letters from Wescot threatening doorstep action!! so i kindly sent them a letter saying that i will only communicate through writing and not to bother sending anyone to my hou
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