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  1. So i am assuming that they will keep sending me letters demanding that i pay etc. What should i do if they try and send debt collectors round the house? Or say that they are going to? I think to any person just doing nothing, and hoping it is all going to blow over etc is quite hard to do.
  2. Hi, Got a letter yesterday from AS Securi-T, stating that i had parked on a private road, at 16:06 on a Saturday afternoon, in Aldridge Walsall. Location Aldridge Shopping Centre, Bay 2 Front Centre House. I do not remember doing this! If i want a photograph then this apparently is going to cost me £5. What am i best to do? I live in Stafford, which is 20miles away, and that day i was catching a flight from B'ham airport at 6. Since you are meant to be at the airport 2 hours before, this is quite confusing. I used to live in Aldridge, Walsall - and yes i did pass through there that day to drop something off, but unsure where i parked up to run into see my mother (very briefly) Aside from this, how can a random company get details from a government agency like the DVLA about where i live. Is this breaking any data protection laws? I do not remember a box asking me to tick for them do be able to give my information to strangers. Any help or advice would be appreciate and thanks in advance.
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