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  1. just want to say thanks to all the advice i have been given on this site, my husband was all up for paying them off in the hope thEy would go away. it was a really distressing couple of days and kids still not over me selling their kitten coz they all under 3yrs so dont understand. but now we can look forward and not have to worry. this site is a godsend. THANKYOU ALL. :):)
  2. have just got back from citizens advice who called equita to find out what £200 of charges were for, he said they must be for visits but couldnt be sure, so she reminded them that they need to leave a letter or have proof of a visit and that the amount they could charge for a visit certainly wasnt £200, he said as long as council tax notify them that the full amount is paid they will close my case. she asked them to write to me telling me that it was closed and reminded them that if they try to pursue any costs that she had recorded the phone call they were having and that they could be subjec
  3. i have been to the council tax office and paid them £275 today i am going to pay them another £80 this afternoon as i have sold the childrens kitten and on monday morning the full amount i owe to the council tax will be paid off i even got them to put a note on the computer that i was paying arrears that they had sent to the bailiff. i have also sent by recorded delivery a letter to equita which i found template for telling them i was paying directly to council tax that the charges are illegal and i will not be letting them gain entry. i will send them the above letter about my car aswell.
  4. IF £200 is a lie and i pay the council tax direct online so they accept the payment will the bailiff leave me alone or keep coming out and charging me? will i have to park my car away from the house forever and keep my house locked up all summer? i cant even let my children out to play as i cant risk the door being left open. do the council have to call equita off if i have paid my debt? how much responsibility do the council have to take for the stress these people are causing me that they employ?
  5. i have a car but it is on finance so i believe they cant touch it but can they clamp it or take it and then i have to go through the hassle of sorting that? i spoke to the council today who said they can only recall the debt in extreme situations, and said they would email equita and get them to call me to explain why i might have been charged but surprise surprise nothing.. i cant sleep through worry i have 4 children 3 of them under 3 yrs and im to scared to leave the house tomorrow in case this man turns up.
  6. i have outstanding council tax, was £758 and have paid equita £308, recieved letter from equita today saying removals notice so i called them. they gave me mobile number of bailiff dealing with my case he wants full amount including £200 charges, i have had no notifacation of charges no home visits both letters been delivered by royal mail. i have only recieved 2 letters the first with the amount i owe with no charges and one today that is computer generated that doesnt have any amount on it. when i called bailiff he was very rude so i text him to say i would pay the full amount to the council
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