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  1. Hi all , In June 2004 I took out a loan below are the details Loan Amount : 1000 Credit Care: 122.20 Total Charge for Credit : 228.04 Total Amount Payable : 1350.24 24 monthly installments of 56.26 APR 16.9 It was taken to a collections on 09/11/2004 They have offered me just over 400.00 and i am wondering if that is ok t accept ?
  2. Hello quick update . Welcome finance finally offered me $1129.00 . Very happy and already banked lol
  3. Hi Ims21 , thanks for reply. The first payment of the loan was 30/03/2004 . I have just rechecked the paper work. The loan agreement ( my copy of the yellow paper ) does state that the estimated repayment period is 24 months , however the repayments didnt go to plan and basically welcome finacial services collection unit took over and i was paying alot less than the 105.67 to them but i can remember how much . I must have done this for some months. I do remember paying the balance off though. I hope this makes things slightly clearer ? I spoke to welcome finance yesterday becaus
  4. No i thought that if my partner spoke to them directly with the old account number, credit card long number, policy schedule and quote previous address that that would be surfice. Would you reccommed i request a sar ? We are going to make an appointment with them in a couple of weeks to upgrade my account and make it joint , could we broach the subject then showing the above info ?
  5. Hi , yes i was given a 1000 pounds as a gift :-Dyes i know , a very generous mother. If i recall i used some of it to pay off the balance still outstanding but im not ezactly sure when.
  6. Hi just wondering if you can help with this one. In 2004 my partner had account with Halifax and a visa credit card, limit 1600 . I was the additional card holder. We maxed out the card after awhile . Eventually we were owing on it and it went into arrears and to collection agency. We have nearly finished paying it off about 400 left on it. My partner called Halifax recentlyand said that they would like to claim back ppi on the card . We have the credit card, some of the paperwork and the adctual loan repayment the schedule. The account number is just the credit card number ? and t
  7. Hi everyone another update. Welcome Finance have offered me 520.23p This is how they broke it down : Ammount of ppi added to loan : 311.15 Ammount of interest added du to ppi premium : 132.53 Ammount of compensation due before calculating 8% interest : 443.68 Amount of payments recieved towards the ppi premium and interest since loan start date : 147.03 8% (simple) interest on the payments made towards ppi : 76.55 Total compensation due after calculating 8% interest : 520.23 So my question is do i accept what they are offering ? Is it a fair offer or am i being short ch
  8. Hello well i expected more after a month so after numerous emails and and phonecalls they sent a letter/questionaire out for me to fill in. Sent it back . They sent another one which stated that the investigation will take upto 8 weeks . So there we go.
  9. Ok cheers ims , thanks for putting up with all my questions and for giving me the figures. Court sounds really scary !!! I think i will try the fos route , im sure if i dont reach a satifactory outcome then i can go the court route. Thanks for everything, i will post updates on the forum .
  10. Thankyou Ims , Just one more thing i am really rubbish at maths , well i got an f in gcse. Loooking at the figures above would you be able to work out how much it works out to ? Or may be a step by step way of working out the sum ? Thankyou
  11. Thanx ims . Just wondering not sure if i need a sar because i have the contracts just not all the t&c stuff and i dont have the statements but that shoild be ok right? Just wondering where the info/template is for making a claim for miss selling of ppi ?? with regards to Halifax and the addresses etc ?
  12. Hi thanks for replying . I have found some more paper work. Turns out i added to the original loan !!! I have pasted the info from my email below. Thankyou for the info ims21 , i will look at the sticky in a mo. Just to let you know i have found some more paperwork and also another loan which i took out a MONTH later to add to the first one. I have the receipts they gave me once i deposited their cheques also the agreements. Here is what i have 13/11/2003 cash loan : 2,000 charge for credit for cash loan : 408.70 total amount to pay for
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