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  1. hi man in the middle, thanks for your replies regarding this matter, just had a look at the pictures online and it says i was doing 41 in the 30 and it shows a picture of the gantry sign showing 30. i am sure i had slowed down to just under 30 but this i cannot prove so it looks like i will be getting slapped wrists. not even the my ford app shows the speed but shows i did brake harshly when i joined the motorway and seen the first 50mph sign. the thing that pees me off the most is that the motorway was empty even after the next junction from where i left and looked
  2. hello people and thank you in advance for any help you may give. so here is my problem. on Monday the 10th of august i entered the M62 motorway at junction 20 Oldham Rochdale and was traveling westbound. the overhead gantry sign was showing a speed limit of 50mph, i don't think i had hit this speed yet. i then carried on driving at under 50 mph until the next sign came into view this was showing a speed of 30 mph i took my foot of the accelerator reducing my speed to just below the limit. now here is the real problem, just over a week later i get a s
  3. hi the flash, glad to see you are going down the ignore route the chase they give is part of the fun:lol::lol: next time you go past moorgate just have a look at the cars parked on there with tickets on them, ct must be making a mint of the people who don't know it's a [problem] so please spread the word that you don't have to pay. and why not point them here so they can read it for themselves.
  4. well thats a surprise, where have central ticketing gone? they used to give out shredded bedding for my rabbit hutch. just take the advice on here and ignore all the begging letters that you get, or better still shred it and and use it as pet bedding.:lol:
  5. sorry to say but yes they do send out begging letters, and very well worded letters. just remember though theses people are con artists so don't pay them. ignore all the junk they send you and don't worry it will all go away.
  6. i have had tickets from this shower in the past, do what everyone says and ignore them. i am going to my doctors on Tuesday and will be parking on moorgate so hopefully i'll get another.i just love the sad attempt to try and make me pay, sad acts they are:lol::lol:
  7. yes this is the standard rubbish you get , nearly over now, if this is letter no 1 then one more to go if its no2 then hopfully that should be it
  8. it wont go to court, just ignore and it will go away.
  9. we all have to keep passing on the message to just ignore these clowns. nothing ever comes from the letters they send, it just ends up as bedding in the rabbit hutch.
  10. well thats me in the unibond league with the one point, still trying for promotion though.
  11. 33 thats got to be a record? ive been trying to get my second for months now but cant.
  12. buffy please dont call them bullies, they are not, they are **** of the earth, theiving low life who would sell their own mothers on the street so they dont have to work. dont forget buffy keep your chin up and dont give in, thats thier job. billybob
  13. just been having a nosey around the web and it seems like your being harrassed by a [problem] company. rossendale cb wont chase for a parking ticket, they only want to chase the big debt with menace.
  14. is this the same company as rossendale cb? or is it somebody trying to use their name to get results? rossendale cb are baliffs, rossendale collect are not. and what can a baliff do without a court order? parking charge not a penalty charge, sounds like an ignore.
  15. only the police and a council trafic warden can give you a penalty charge notice, if its a parking charge notice then its of a [problem] parking company. if its the first ,a penalty then you can appeal as long as you think you have grounds to do so, if its the second, a parking charge then its a [problem]. the truth is if its a [problem] to make easy money for doing very little. so just ignore it and the junk mail you get.
  16. it s great when you get letter no 4 and you laugh about it, all be cause of the advice you read on here. lets all keep spreading the word of the ******, ignore
  17. filthysurfer did you not read the first post? al27 well done for bringing this to everyones attention, the more they lose the better for the people being chased for a [problem] ticket.
  18. most people giving you much needed advice on here have all had dealings with one bunch of robbing gits or another. ( me included ) please dont lose sleep over this, you have no fine, charge, or beer tokens to pay to these low life with no morals. just remember to ignore, ignore, ignore, have a glass of wine,(paid for with the money you would of sent to these **** bags,) then ignore some more. billybob
  19. debt dodger did you get a reply from your letter? would love to know what happens next.
  20. take the advice of kiptower have a good read about these [problem] co,s, then have some fun. if by chance they get your phone number ask them to wait then leave them on hold, if they send you emails send them pictures of micky mouse and ask is this you? if they send letters through the post then just ignore, they will go away, but sorry to say it might take a bit longer in your case as you got intouch with them before getting advice. but rest asure they will go away, just remember to ignore.
  21. sorry chancerz you must have the name and address of the toerags has you have already got a letter ready to send.
  22. sounds silly but you should of called his bluff by telling him you were calling the police as you thought that this was a case of theft. try and post the picture of the new sign has people will pick this to bits. also a long shot but have you been in the shop and asked for the name and address of the company? or do you already know this if so please post this also. has i said in last post help is on the way.
  23. this has got to be the worts signage in history, surly this is not the only signage, there must be more in the carpark itself. is this the view going in or out? do you need eyes in the back of your head to see it? why did you pay? this is a [problem] totaly. you need to hang fire with the letter untill the guys in the know read this and then give you advice on how to go about this,
  24. taking photos makes people think they are legit, truth is they are **** bags trying to make a fast buck, take the advice of others and ignore these clowns.
  25. who is the pcn off ? try to give a few more details and somebody will be along to give you addvice.
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