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  1. They offered me £200.00. I dont think so, I want it all back. Well I'm not being greedy - if I wasnt internet banking and they could show me proof that it cost them £30.00 a time then they could keep it... I want the full money please Thank You
  2. First Ltr sent to Halifax, they responded after 7 days with "I am sorry to learn that you are unhappy with the charges applied to your account. A customer relations manager will investigate the points you have raised and you will recieve a reply shortly, but certainly no more than 4 weeks." 4 WEEKS!!! Not on your nelly!! I sent them a responce by recorded delivery and fax. "I thank you for your recent communication however you must understand that you are an established company and therefore have the means to respond within the apprpriate time scale set. I have advised in my previo
  3. Ok, not what I was expecting to hear! I've been with HSBC, found them very unhelpful and one track minded I've been with Barclays as student I do not plan to go overdrawn with Lloyds - I just want to start afresh and feel Halifax is not going to be my cup of tea!
  4. Ok, this is my first post and i've only started doing this since a work colleague got Judgement against NatWest Bank on Friday 25th August 2006. I've been with Halifax only a short while and am already unsatisfied with the way they conduct themselves. You go overdrawn and then you add money into the account so your not overdrawn and then they charge you so your overdrawn again!!! Another £30.00 is added, after that I stopped putting money in and thought, nope it can wait!!!! 6 months banking and just under £400.00 in charges which I will be claiming back. I've now opened up an a
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