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  1. bumping in case anyone has any ideas please?
  2. I had a joint Tax Credit claim with my ex partner. We split in May 2009 I told them within 7 days, the claim ended I made a new one. I telephoned and told them of our income for 2008/09 but I can't remember the exact date. My ex partner told them of the income details in a letter dated 25th August. TCO wrote and said we'd been overpaid as we hadn't informed them of our income for 2008/09. I telephoned them and they told me they only had information of me informing them but not him. I asked for an appeal pack, I heard nothing for about 3 months then got a letter from the recovery department dem
  3. I submitted that as a Defence and will now wait and see what happens. Are there any steps I should take now or do I wait for the Court to contact me?
  4. I am thinking of putting this as a defence : I, xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx make this statement as my defence to the claim brought by Egg Banking Plc. The claimants particulars of claim are vague and fail to disclose any cause of action, they appear to be an abuse of the process in that they fail to deal with the basic rules of pleading in accordance with the CPR even allowing for the constraints of the bulk issue system No documents supporting the claims in the particulars have been offered and to date the claimant has ignored my request under the CPR and I have not received any of
  5. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas for what I can enter in as a defence. I'm intending on doing it online and hoping to do it by today. Could I just put something like I defend the claim in its entirety as the Claimant has failed to furnish me with any documentation relating to the claim and that I reserve the right to enter a revised defence at a later date. Something along those lines?
  6. The Claimiants Claim is for the balance due under an agreement which is now all due and payable. The Defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number xxxxxxxx but has failed to do so. And the Claimant claims the sum of £xxxxx The Claimant also claims interest thereon pursuant to S.69 County Court Act 1984 limited to one year to the date hereof at the rate of 8% per annum amounting to 0.00
  7. Hi all I received a claim from Bryan Carter re an Egg Loan, sent them the standard letter requesting information and documents and I've heard nothing further. The claim was dated 15th Sept so I'm assuming date of service would be considered to be 20th Sept meaning I only have until 18th Oct to file a defence (although that's a Sunday so I'm unsure whether the defence would have to be in by Friday or Monday?). I'm not sure what to put in my defence as obvioulsy I have received no documentation. Could anyone advise me of the next step to take please? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks so much - got completely confused about where I should be posting this
  9. Hi I hope I'm posting in the correct place and thank you in advance to anyone reading this & able to advise Had an Egg personal loan defaulted on payments, they started to write then passed the matter on to various debt collection agencies. Eventually ended up with DCL who came to an agreement after I made a pro-rata offer (3 other creditors did the same). Sent the cheque for the first payment due in Jan 09 along with a covering letter asking for bank details so I could arrange payment by standing order. The cheque was never cashed and the letter not answered, so I sent a further ch
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