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  1. I have reviewed the CCTV online and it shows me on the pavement for 20 seconds waiting to pull away in to traffic safely with my brake lights and indicator on. How can this be seen as parking. I would welcome opinions if I have a case for appeal
  2. I have just received a PCN for an offence of 62J. Although the pictures sent show my vehicle with 2 wheels on the pavement I was not parked. I have pulled over to let a car pass me as they were driving too close and dangerous. You can see on the pictures that my brake lights where on all the time and the 2 pictures provided are 3 seconds apart because as soon as the vehicle behind me had gone passed I pulled away. Do I have grounds for appeal as what constitutes parking as in my eyes I was not parked which is backed up by the 2 pictures clearly showing my brake lights on and only 3 seconds apart before I then depart
  3. I am looking for some advice on my obligations to maitenance charges with a timeshare. I have had a timeshare in Tenerife for nearly 7 years now and the cost of maitenence no longer make this viable for us. I have refused to pay for this years maitenance which the management company has told me that I am not entitled to use it this year and they will look to rent it out and keep all proceeds. I understand this and have no issues at all with them doing this. However, my wife has recently received a call from the maintenence company informing her that if we do not pay the maintenence charge for next year then we will forfeit the timeshare for good and it will go back into their posession. Quite frankly the way I feel this does not worry me too much but on the other hand it annoys me that they can do this. If anyone has any ideas then it would be appreciated
  4. I would not ignore it as it will play on your mind if nothing else. On a recent trip to Spain ourselves I realized our son would have only had 5 months left on return and decided to check with TCX. They informed me that they would definately decline boarding as they state in their terms and condition that you need at least 6 months from the date of return. I had the same argument with them that it was needed for another EU country but to no avail. Therefore 3 days before travelling I had to get and an emergency renewal at additional costs:mad:
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