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  1. Thank you for your reply - I thought that was the case. Judi
  2. Good Afternoon All. I have a Bank Account that only my wages are paid into - no debit card comes with this account which I have no problem with as this means I have total control of this account. I owe £250.00 to a Debt Collecting Agency - I have informed them that I have no Debit Card with this account. They have just asked me by E-Mail if I could use somebody else's card which has really annoyed me. Are they allowed to ask this - sorry for my ignorance but could do with some advise. Judi5060
  3. I wonder if I could pick anyones brains with this one. I have had a letter delivered to me at work from Mackenzie Hall. It is on a plain piece of paper, no address of theirs, just a typed letter. It says we are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter. We have been provided your address as being the possible business details for our subject. Therefore if you are the person named above then please contact our office immediately. Are they allowed to do this. The last person I dealt with at Mackenzie Hall a Marianne Watson has my Work E
  4. Thanks very much for your advice - I will try and relax and see what kind of correspondence I get. I have already printed out the letter for Door Step Collector which I will keep on me at all times. Judi5060
  5. they have already told me that it would probably be one local to me - that was the only piece of information I was given. That's what made me think they will just turn up being a local one. judi5060
  6. No - they have no access to my Bank Account - I have changed recently. Thanks for the above advice I feel a bit better now. When Swift Sterling sent me the E-Mail today they could not even tell me whether the Thirs Party would contact me first - which I find hard to believe. Judi5060
  7. I have sent numerous e-mails to swift sterling but they are not interested in me making repayments they just want the full amount. I suppose I will just have to wait until I get some correspondence from the debt collecting agency. I will dread every knock at the door. judi5060
  8. it is a payday loan from a company called swift sterling. It was only for 200.00 originally but now 318.00 - Have offered to pay in installments but they are not interested. Now it is being passed onto a third party who are debt collectors but also operate door step recovery. He would not tell me anything else. Judi
  9. Hi its a small loan - approx 300.00 which I took out over the internet Judi5060
  10. Thanks for your reply. The Finance company who have passed this on will not tell me anything - give me a name of the company etc., Does it usually take long for these people to contact you. Thanks
  11. I need some urgent advice on the above please. I have been advised by a company which I owe money to that the matter is now being passed to a Third Party Debt Collector who also operate Door Step Agents. Do these people just turn up - I am terrified that they will as I live with my elderly Mother and the embarrasement this would cause will give me sleepless nights. Do they have to contact you by letter or phone first to advise you when they are calling. Thanks any help appreciated
  12. Hi - I hope somebody can help me. I have a small debt with Wonga of £160.00 who have passed to Roxborough debt collection. I have offered to pay this amount back in 2 payments of £50.00 and one of £60.00 (I get paid Weekly). This has been refused by Roxborough. They are now threatening Wages Arrestment. Am I correct in saying that they would have to apply to the courts to do this and could they only be allowed to take a certain amount from my wages each week. Is this just a normal tactic to scare mje and make me pay all this money in one go which I cannot afford.
  13. The problem is with my credit history I was just wondering how easy it it to open a basic bank account - ie where wages are just paid in and I can withdraw. Any suggestions. Judi
  14. I am not in Scotland unfortunately and I know it is not Statue Barred as I think that is 6 years. I think I will just need to open a new bank account. Judi
  15. debt is at least 5 years old - just annoys me that I have no idea when they are going to take this again. Also they never did send me a valid CCA.
  16. Good Morning I am wondering if someone could help me here. I have al old debt with a Bank of Scotland credit card. The account was passed to Blair Oliver and Scott who I contacted by letter and asked them to supply me with a copy of my CCA agreement. It duly turned up weeks later completely un-enforceable. It was then passed to other debt collecting agencies. Then all went quiet. I checked my Bank Account yesterday and saw that an Amount of £42.00 wastaken from my Account. I contacted the Bank and they informed me that it was Blair Oliver and Scott who had taken this money and
  17. Hello This is really just a query. I live with my Mum who owns her own house. Everything in the house belongs to her. I have just clothes and a few personal items belonging to me. I have no Car and no assets. I have had a couple of letters from DCA's threating people coming to my house and taking away goods. As I live with Mum and have no assets what can be done. Any help would be much appreciated. Judi
  18. Hi There The credit card was taken out in 2000 and the last payment was at least 4 years ago. I did think it was a load of rubbish - no terms and conditions, nothing at all really. Judi
  19. Good Morning I wonder if Someone could give me some advice please. About 6 months ago I requested from Barclaycard a copy of my CCA agreement which I never received. This debit was then passed on to Westcot. I requested a copy of my CCA agreement from them. After approximately 6 weeks I finally received this on Saturday Morning 06.02.10. All it contains is one single photocopy sheet - it looks like the first page of the application form. The photocopy os so bad and so small I can barely read it and some parts I simply cannot. It has on it my Name (my maiden name) ad
  20. Hi There Unfortunately cannot post up as at work - just wanted to know if these were the prescribed terms and conditions which I think they are. Anymore help would be greatly appreciated. Judi
  21. Good Morning I need a little help please. After months of waiting I have received my CCA Agreement from Black Horse Ltd which I thing is enforceable. In total there are 2 photocopied pages. On the top of the first it sdays credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. Then in a small box it states - Financial details:- Amount of credit, Interest rate per month, Monthly repayments and the first monthly repayment is payabvle on. In another box it states;- Cash price of payment protection plan, Interest rate per month and monthly repayments. A little
  22. Hi. When Ellie sent me the letter which I received earlier in the week she informed me that she must politely refer me ton the key financial information section on you credit agreement provided to you. What would you advise I do now. It has already been passed to a debt collector and as soon as I mentioned the words CCA Request it went winging its way back to Capital One. Thanks Judi
  23. Hi There S There is no application form - nothing with my signature on whatso ever. Just a leaftlet - a 2 page letter with my name a/c no. and outstanding amount and that is it. Judi
  24. Good Morning everybody Just a quick question regarding Capital One. I sent them a CCA request back in May which I received just within the 12+2 days. This consisted of a leaflet which was their terms and conditions and a double sided piece of paper with my name account no and how much I owe on it. Yesterday I received a letter from Ellie Renshaw stated in no uncertain terms that on the leaflet was all the prescribed terms and conditions. So my question is where should the prescribed terms be - on the leaflet or on something else. Ellie informed me in the letter that th
  25. Good Morning all. I need some help please with what to do next. I have a credit card with Bank of Scotland/ I sent them a CCA request back in April. I received an application form back from them with no prescribed terms and conditions on it. I then sent them an account in dispute letter - as the CCA was not sent to me in the 12+2 days. I then received a letter from Blair Oliver and Scott with again just 1 page of an application form. A few days later I then received a letter from Westcott. I advised them by letter that the account was in dispute and it should not have been
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