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  1. Hi all, my partner has been writing most of the posts on here regarding my situation. We are currently repaying the £8000 allegedly owed to the DWP through repayments of £93 a month out of my DLA. We are repaying it, but now they are taking me to court on March 19th which is a total **** take. They claim that i made a false statement from the outset in not declaring my Army Pension, a pension i was told by the Army that i did not need to declare as it was irrelevant. The crux of the case is that its my word against theirs, as i have no prove in writing that the pension was irrelevant, only
  2. Thanks for that any help would be much appreciated,i have managed to send you a pm if you want to check,just sending you another now.
  3. Hi Bazooka Boo, It`s the DWP,the local coucil have been pretty good,we never owed anything at all as we were always entitled to housing benefit because this council don`t take your pension in to concideration at all. We thought if you made an offer to pay back over-payments they would accept it,but not in our case! The kids are 14 and 15 at the moment but give it another couple of years when they`ve left school alot of our money will stop/change,so i don`t know how we`ll manage to pay back almost £100 a month. It still feels as though we are being made to feel like criminals,we made a
  4. Hi again to everyone, Well,now another problem! The money we owe the dwp ( although we still believe we don`t owe them a penny,all their stupid rules,always changing them to suit themselves ! ) they say arond just over £8,000,is now to be deducted out of my partners` dla.I didn`t think they were allowed to do this?They are taking a third of it straight out and we have the rest! We filled in forms,for all the incommings/ourgoings and it worked out we could aford to pay back £45.00 a month,they want more than double the amount back.We don`t have any other benifits other than my carers allowa
  5. Hello to everyone again, All has been sorted ( I hope ).We had the backpay and cleared some of the debts we had while waiting for all this to be sorted ,so that was quite a weight off our shoulders! the dwp worked out we owed just over £8,000,they went back over 5 years instead of the 2 1/2 we thought. They hopefully are not taking us to court though ! they have said they will automatically take a 1/3 of my partners` dla every month( we didn`t think they were allowed to do this ) but we stated we couldn`t afford that much so are having to fill out a form of all incommings and goings. It
  6. well ,hello to everyone again. it`s been almost 2 months since we heard anything but we got the unemployabilty supplement at last and it will be backdated to the date of the claim so there`s a bit to come back from them (we can clear most the debts we owe now,great news!) We also heard from the dwp and council and it seems that we were not entitilled to income support for just over 2 1/2 years. although we didn`t get alot of income support it mounts up to maybe 6-7 thousand. we still haven`t had a letter to say they want it back or at what rate we can pay or whether the courts will be in
  7. well i`m back again. still nothing,no letters or phone calls fron dwp or the local council so we still haven`t a clue what`s happening! i went for the interveiw under caution with them and was not nervous or scarred at all,they tried to put words in my mouth but i wasn`t having any of it.i was totally truthfull in all i told them and made it clear it was not a fraudulant claim,i answed all their questions and didn`t hold back on anythind as i had nothing at all to hide whatsoever. the veterans agency have been great and we`re going down the path with them with claiming money. a truely wonder
  8. hello all again, well we got in touch with the veterans agency and are still waiting for a reply from them.it looks like we can claim unemployability supplement as my partner is classed as 60% dissabled and hopefully he can claim for me and the children aswell, so at least we`ll have some money comming in! we still haven`t had a letter or phone call or anything about this situation since he was called in for the interview so still know absoluteley nothing about what they are doing or what is going to happen to us,they must love making you stressed and worried out of your mind! now i have
  9. thankyou for all your replies,we feel we`re not alone and all the help is so much apreciated. well now the fun begins,they have stopped all our income support,housing benefit and council tax benifit. we can`t aford to go in to debt with our normal bills and d/d in the bank on top of all that the dwp may charge us,so working it all out leaves us with £20 a week to live on for a family of 4,and this could take months! we don`t want to fall behind with the rent as at least with that being paid we have a roof over our heads and they can`t evict us! we could go through the veterans agency
  10. hello and thanks for the information,we will submit a subject access report and see what`s on it. we feel very very stupid as we never declaired it in writing on the forms as we were told before hand it was irrelevant. very silly misstake to make on our part i know. to make matters worse we has a conversion on the house 3 months ago,a dissabled wet room was modified in the bathroom and a stair lift fitted,which we didn`t have to pay for as we were on benefits,which we got a grant for from our local council which my parters occupational therapist set up for us.it came to around £12,000. we
  11. thankyou,ithought that might be the case. so the dpw that miss-informed us of all this in the first place,is now wanting all their money back and as it`s their fault for telling us the same thing on numerous occations, we feel they may make an example of us by covering their backs,what are we to do,it`s our word against theirs! we`ll have to just wait and see what happens!
  12. hello and thanks for the help,i hope it all works out like your situation. the war pension was always put down as it is classed as a benifit.the army pension had nothing to do with the dwp as it never had anything to do with them and came straight from the postmaster from the army itself. we never put it down as we were told by numerous departments in the dwp it had nothing to do with them,we so wish now we had that statement in writing! this is the only reason it was never put in on any forms we had to fill in. we don`t know whether we are comming or going and what the outcome will be,we ju
  13. hello and i hope you can help us. we were called in for an interview yesterday on suspition of fruad of income support,housing benefit and council tax. my parner was in the army for many years but due to a very bad accident while serving he had a bad accident and was medically discharged,this was back in 93". He was given army pension which comes direct from them,which was aprox £70 a month,although over the years with inflation it is now around £200. after he was out for about a year a woman called from the war pensions and explained to him he was entitled to a goverment war pension. as
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